Idaho: Let Pharmacists Give Vaccines to Kids as Young as 6. Dangers? Not Important

Pharmacist vialPharmacists giving out vaccinations? Check. Lower the minimum age to 6? Check. Cue the accidents, mishaps and deaths? Check check check.

Pharmacists to be able to administer vaccines in children as young as six–with no medical records

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If lawmakers have their way, Idaho pharmacists might soon be able to vaccinate children even younger than the current lower age limit of 12. As of now, pharmacists can legally administer vaccines such as tetanus and flu shots to children ages 12 and up with parental consent. Under the proposed new paradigm, the age range would be halved, to six and up.

The Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee approved a proposed bill to do just that with only two dissenting votes.

Backers of the bill note that Idaho has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country, and they argued that by allowing pharmacists to perform the procedures on younger children, rural families would be better served.

One of the dissenting Senators, Republican Sherry Nuxoll argued that she wasn’t comfortable with the depth of the language contained in the bill regarding the content of the consent forms parents would be signing. She worried that there wasn’t going to be enough information regarding possible health risks caused by vaccinations and immunizations.

And let’s face facts: those risks would increase exponentially if a pharmacist, with limited medical training, were tasked with immunizing children of all ages–without access to their medical records. Considering how little we know about how all kinds of drugs and pre-existing conditions can conceivably interact with the powerful chemicals found in vaccine concoctions, does it really seem like a good idea?

To hand that kind of responsibility over–the responsibility to keep children safe and healthy–to the men and women who, granted, might very well be competent, professional druggists, but who might just as easily be people who do little more than ring up Advil and keep teens from stealing condoms and cigarettes doesn’t seem like a terribly well thought-out plan.

It’s honestly hard to see this whole thing as anything but marketing. The rubes in the sticks can’t be enticed to come into town to buy our product? No worries–let’s find a way to take it to them. It smacks of the recent oh-so-subtle ramping up of the pressure for every American to get a flu shot, every year. As with everything in late-stage, neo-liberal capitalism, profit margins must be made to increase every single year or something is deemed to be wrong, and corporate heads will roll.

So with a product that has already reached peak saturation, like vaccines, you just have to find and/or make new markets.

And if you have to do that by endangering the lives of ever-younger children even further, by placing them in the care of people who aren’t technically caregivers, then so be it, right? If that’s what we have to do to serve the gods of Big Pharma, then so be it.


To assert your legally protected right of Informed Consent to refuse vaccines, visit

New Bill To Lower Pharmacists Vaccination Ages for Kids

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