Idaho: SB 1294 Lowers age of children who can get vaccinated by pharmacists

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C’Mere, Kids!  Let Your Phriendly Pharmacist Put Poison in Your Body!
SHHHH! Don’t Tell Mom and Dad!

Criminal drug corporations are desperately working at every level to implement forced vaccinations , first our kids & then all adults. It’s time to take action before this gets out of control, take action now:

Stop the Vaccine Madness: You ARE Entitled to a Vaccine Exemption No Matter What Your Local, State or National Law Says!

Imagine a “program” in kindergarten extolling the virtues of vaccination and all the kids trooping off to friendly Mr. Pharmacist to get their happy vaccinations.

This and similar bills are all about the state owning your children & taking away all medical exemptions, pharmacists will be able to jab children without the parents consent.

A dangerous bill giving pharmacists the right to vaccinate 6 year olds without a prescription or either a doctor or nurse involved in the process was introduced into the Idaho Senate Health and Welfare Committee on February 10, 2016. Obviously carefully shepherded [and, one suspects amply funded], it has already passed the full Senate. SB 1294 allows Pharmacists to vaccinate 6 year olds, a change from the current legislation which allows for 12 year olds to be poisoned. If a pharmacist is allowed by law to vaccinate 6 year olds the number of children being damaged by vaccines will skyrocket. 

Pharmacists are not health care professionals trained to evaluate and treat indications and contraindications for vaccination, treat adverse reactions (does their insurance cover a concussion when your child faints on the hard floor or has a seizure?)

Pharmacists will obviously be handing vaccines out like candy without any knowledge (or ability to evaluate) a child’s health or medical history. While this is great for sales, it is a horrifying distortion of “health care”.

Clearly the State believes it owns your children and is doing everything it can to subvert parental rights. Equally clearly, you can push back by pounding legislators and other decision makers with a hail of emails refusing to allow these violations.   

Our human rights & health freedoms are being destroyed. Our control of our children’s bodies and our own are being ripped from our hands unless we stop this insanity now.

Tell your legislators that you will not accept vaccine mandates, nor will you accept having control of your children’s health taken from your authority now: Next, make sure that you have the your legally protected Advance Vaccine Directive in place for yourself and every member of your family so that, regardless of the local, State or national legislation/regulation legal assertion you and your loved ones are protected here:

Informed Consent rights are under attack everywhere.  The Natural Solutions Foundation has mounted a counter attack but needs the resources to wage the war.  Support them here: to stop state control of our bodies.

Next, and perhaps most important, tell your friends, neighbors, realitives and colleagues that you need their support in this battle, too.  Share these links with them.

Ask them to taker these actions and protect their families, too. The issue is nothing short of just who owns your body and your children.

Text of the Legislation:
For More Information:



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