Carrie Madej, MD: Warning: CV-19 Vaccines Contain Cancer Cells, Create AI Link

Assert Your Right to Informed Consent!

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director Natural Solutions Foundation
July 17, 2020

Gates-connected companies are being allowed to produce poorly tested, gene-modifying vaccines laced with nano technology to create irreversible brain/body/AI links. Whether YOU want them or not!

Do they “work” to prevent disease? Dr. Fauci warns that they probably won’t! That hardly seems to be the main point of interest.  Listen as Dr. Carrie Madej brings the plain, unvarnished truth forward on these gruesome biological experiments.

The plan is universal vaccination with nightmare vaccines.

I strongly agree with all of Dr. Madej concerns which echo all of my warnings over the past several years.

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4 thoughts on “Carrie Madej, MD: Warning: CV-19 Vaccines Contain Cancer Cells, Create AI Link

  1. Stay close to your spiritual Father . In the Lord Jesus Christ there is comfort ask for Him . These are the end-times & God will intervene by His will after man has been corrected . And America will be great again when the Lord returns very soon . He hears our prayers & knows of your tears. TAKE CARE ALL

    1. Amen. Thank you for that response. And thank you Father for sending Holy Spirit to guide and protect us!

  2. Best Breast Cancer Trial Ever Known: 6 Times Less Mortality.
    The clinical trial was conducted by Sergey Paschenko, MD, a pupil of Dr. Konstantin Buteyko (the author of the Buteyko breathing method). The study was published by the Ukrainian National Journal of Oncology (Kiev, 2001, v. 3, No.1, p. 77-78, “Study of application of the shallow breathing method in a combined treatment of breast cancer”).

    One hundred twenty patients with breast cancer (T1-2N1M0) participated in this study. (These letters and numbers relate to cancer parameters. For T1-2: the tumors are less than 5 cm or 2 inches in size; N1: cancer has spread to 1 to 3 axillary (underarm) lymph nodes, and/or tiny amounts of cancer are found in internal mammary lymph nodes (those near the breastbone) on sentinel lymph node biopsy; M0: no distant metastasis). All patients had a standard anti-cancer therapy that included the surgical removal of tumors. However, in addition to this therapy, the breathing retraining group (67 patients) practiced shallow breathing exercises. Their parameters were compared with the control group (the remaining 53 patients).The three-year mortality rate for the breathing normalization group was 4.5% and for the control group 24.5%. Hence, breathing normalization decreased a 3-year mortality by more than 5 times. All patients who normalized their breathing survived.

    You can read the translated full text of this breast cancer trial here:

    Getting Started with the Buteyko Method
    by Peter Kolb:

    For those with a highly technical interest, this biochemical analysis of Buteyko’s Method by Karzimov is both an extraordinary piece of technical work as well as being a highly detailed explanation of mechanisms around how and why the method works:

  3. Dr. Madej,

    She is correct about Radio Frequency ( Microwave Radiation) is doing people in.

    In June of 2019, with my leg having rested 3 feet from a WiFi Router for 1.5 years, this resulted in the Microwave Radiation eviscerating my veins in my right leg, nearest the router. I measured the radiation at 4000 times higher than the FCC rating for a leaky microwave oven to be safe to be near….I had blood clots form in my leg …..after feeling a warm fluid running down the inside of my leg, over my calf. Blood was running out of my veins. What is killing people is Microwave Radiation…5G towers put off the same amount of energy. Your smart phone puts off the same energy of 4000 times higher than the safe limit…Buy a Radio Frequency Meter, or EMF meter that checks for microwave radiation….this will save your life just putting it on your dash board and watch what you read and hear when you drive around your city….thank you of your words

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