Microcephaly in Brazil: Vaccines + Monsanto Poison, Not Zika Virus

Vaccines in Pregnant Women Associated With Deformaties, Not Zika Virus
Vaccines in Pregnant Women Associated With Deformities, Not Zika Virus

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By Kurt Bright

 Could the microcephaly people linked to Zika Virus in Brazil actually be the result of vaccinations forced on pregnant women?

The Zika virus scare is still ongoing, with travel-related cases turning up in Florida and other parts of the U.S., even as Brazil copes with a spate of babies born with microcephaly and other birth defects presumed to be a result of the virus.

But there are a couple of older studies that may be worth a second look in light of Brazil’s mandated vaccines containing aluminum salts and the occurrence of microcephalic infants in the study.

In 1982, Alberto Rotundo’s team studied a 23 patients with renal failure before the age of one year. The scientists discovered that 20 of the children had gone on to develop severe neurological abnormalities, for instance encephalopathy or other brain disorders. The symptoms included delayed development, hypotonia, dyskinesia, seizures and–wait for it–microcephaly.

Rotundo wrote:

 “No patient had been dialyzed and four had not received aluminum salts prior to the development of neurologic symptoms.”

 In other words, 19 of the 23 children involved in the study had been given aluminum salts as part of their treatment before they developed these neurological pathologies.

Fast forward to the current Zika outbreak in Brazil. Many think the problem is not Zika at all, but might be something completely different – Brazil’s mandatory vaccination laws for pregnant women.

The CDC recommends that children be given a number of vaccines that contain aluminum throughout their childhood, including the TDaP vaccine. Beginning in 2014, Brazil began mandating that GSK’sTDaP, which they saidwas safe for use during pregnancy, be given to every pregnant woman in the country.

It was a mere ten months later that the alarming number of Brazilian babies with microcephaly began to climb. The vaccination program began in May, 2015. The deformed babies started appearing in October, 2015, just 5 months later. Approximately 4600 babies in Pernambuco, Brazil have thus far been born suffering from microcephaly since October 2015. Allegedly. When we look at the data, we see that a mere handful actually MIGHT have microcephaly and just 17 of them “have some relationship with Zika Virus”, whatever having a relationship with a virus might mean.

In fact, less than 10% of the deformed babies or their mothers have any evidence of Zika Virus which, although known since 1947 (when the Rockefeller Institute patented it), has never caused a single birth defect.

Until now, when the vaccine is not mentioned but the harmless virus is focused upon as the [unsupported] culprit.

Oh, one more thing: a pesticide called Pyriproxyfen that the Brazilian government sprays into the drinking water supply because it causes birth defects in mosquitoes is also not being blames. Nor is the government talking about the possible combination of terrible effects when both the vaccine and the pesticide are used.

They should be.

There is absolutely no evidence that these tragic deformities are the result of the Zika virus. In Columbia, where there is a large outbreak of Zika Virus, not a single case of microcephaly has occurred in the pregnant women with the disease. But they have not been given pesticide-contaminated water to drink, nor injected with poisonous vaccines.

Makes all the difference, apparently.

Meanwhile, CDC and WHO stand firmly behind their lies.

Aluminum salts, contained in the mandated vaccine, are known to cause birth defects

In fact, the Zika outbreak–or possibly what could end up having been the aluminum salts “outbreak”–could well prove to be the straw that broke the camel’s back of the vaccinators’ monolithic fortress.

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Could Dangerous Mandatory Vaccines Containing Aluminum Salts be Responsible for Microcephaly in Brazil?


Could Dangerous Mandatory Vaccines Containing Aluminum Salts be Responsible for Microcephaly in Brazil?

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