Mysterious Oily Substance Rains on Michigan Town. Nobody Knows Nuttin’

Ashy, Oily Rain Concerns Residents of Harrison Township, MI:
GeoEngineering Experiment?

Harrison Township, Michigan residents are perplexed and worried.  A black, ashy, oily substance has rained down on their fields and homes.  Selfridge Air National Guard Base denies any connection to the mess.  Meanwhile, residents are awaiting lab results on the substance to come back.

Dane Wiggington,, says that there is no normal weather left on the planet because of the pervasive and dangerous global practice of geoengineering in which various toxic brews are released from planes at various altitudes.

In the US and elsewhere, not only have aluminum, barium, thorium, uranium, semi-synthetic “life” forms and viruses (plus a host of other dangerous materials) been released, but strange webs, fabric-like sheets and other unnatural materials have fallen from the sky.* They have been identified to include synthesized endocrine disruptors** and other worrisome materials.

Long held to be a “conspiracy theory” geoengineering or chemtrails have now been confirmed by academic institutions and the US Congress to be genuine activities of government all over the world.  The health and survival impacts are hotly debated.


*See, for example, **

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