A World Worth Saving?

Click on the video for a breathtaking few minutes and then consider….                        And then what?

Photos and videos like these inspire awe and wonder.

And then what?
There is no way to look at these amazing images and not react with wonder and  appreciation for the diversity and beauty nature has created over vast spans of time and opportunity.
And then what?
What are we, each and every one of us, doing to prevent the destruction of this astonishing planet?  What muscle are we putting into overturning Citizens United, the disastrous Supreme Court judgement that gives corporations, whose legal responsibility is ONLY to generate profits, the same rights as people, whose responsibilities include compassion, justice, morality, tenderness, love and nurturing people and the environment?

What efforts are you personally putting into controlling the wanton destruction of the planet for the ultimate good of the non-person corporations and the military destruction of tribes and territories for the benefit of those corporations?  When was the last time you took action to stop any of the endless wars of conquest and resource grabbing of your country?

When was the last time you took action to prevent the deployment of weaponized vaccines and diseases and making sure they do not go into your bodies? When was the last time you made a donation to stop mandatory vaccines, giving the government the right to put absolutely anything at all into your body and your children’s’ bodies?  www.GoFundMe.com/HelpBertandRima to stop vaccine mandates and protect yourself and your loved ones.

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