No. 2 ICU Doctor Calls Vaccine Injuries “Crime Against Humanity”

By Keean Bexte

The second most published critical care physician in the world called vaccine injuries — and health professionals’ unwillingness to treat them — a “crime against humanity.”

“My heart is broken — I can’t keep quiet anymore,” Dr. Paul Marik began, breaking down in tears at the COVID-19 Alternative Therapies and the Right to Choose Conference.

Marik had just finished listening to testimonies from vaccine-injured individuals and the parents of those who died after taking the vaccine.

“We know these fucking vaccines cause at least 2 to 3 per cent of people who get them will have adverse events like you just heard,” he said. “They’re not making this up. 2 to 3 per cent. Now you figure out how many people have been vaccinated in this country and across the world.”

“There are millions of people who are suffering. They’re being ignored. They’re not getting treatment. And they’re suffering.”

Marik further alleged that the National Institute for Health (NIH) also knows about the vaccine injured and refuses to treat them.

“And that has to change,” Marik continued. “There’s no disease in medicine that you can’t treat. It’s never too late. It’s never too late! These vaccine-injured people are suffering, and we need to do something for them.”

“This is a humanitarian crisis.”

“… Sorry, I just had to say that because it’s a travesty. We have treatments for these people. It’s not perfect, but we need to come out of the closet and offer them treatments… It’s a crime against humanity.”

Indeed, the vaccine adverse effects tally continues to raise concerns about the safety of the COVID vaccines. the most recent update in the US, as of May 13, from VEARS data shows 28,141 deaths following inoculation with COVID vaccines.

Moreover, as reported by The Counter Signal, a massive study of 23.1 million found that vaccinated people have increased myocarditis risk.

And yet, pro-vaccine advocates continue to dig their heels in and mock anyone who says otherwise rather than acknowledge these concerns. Indeed, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla joked about anti-vaxxers with WEF Chairman Klaus Schwab, calling them conspiracy theorists.

Perhaps he thinks Dr. Marik — a doctor with over 43,000 citations from academics — is also a conspiracy theorist.

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