One Hundred Years Later: Lessons Not Learned

The Great 1918 Flu Pandemic and Vaccine Voodoo Pseudoscience
One Hundred Years Later:  Lessons Not Learned

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This is the 100th Anniversary of the Great Influenza Pandemic.

“Between 50 and 100 million people are thought to have died, representing as much as 5 percent of the world’s population. Half a billion people were infected. The 1918 flu pandemic has been a regular subject of speculation over the last century. Historians and scientists have advanced numerous hypotheses regarding its origin, spread and consequences. As a result, many of us harbor misconceptions about it.”[1]

The First World War set in motion terrible consequences that shape the world still.  Not only did it lead to the bloody history of the 20th Century’s and its brutal totalitarian governments, but it introduced the technologies – and disasters – that created the modern world, including the Great

Most of us believe the useful, but false political myth that the Great Pandemic Flu “just happened”.

“The major countries involved in the war were keen to avoid encouraging their enemies, so reports of the extent of the flu were suppressed… In fact, the geographic origin of the flu is debated to this day, though hypotheses have suggested East Asia, Europe and even Kansas.”[2]

What really transpired?  After careful examination, we at Natural Solutions Foundation understand that the Great Pandemic did not “just happen” but that it was permitted to happen.

We are deeply concerned that we have not learned history’s lessons well enough to prevent it from happening again.

Our analysis, which we invite you to read and share widely, is that the Great Pandemic (the GP from here on) could only happen because of a Perfect Storm, a confluence of factors that we could be facing again at any moment:  untested, live virus vaccines, a “miracle drug” that made things much worse, not better, troops crowded together, made dangerously infective by vaccination and chemical experimentation, then exploded across wartime Europe experiencing a collective immune system collapse in a starving European population and poorly nourished ones elsewhere.

The GP was a particular tragedy because the victims tended not to be the very young and the very old, as in most other infectious plagues.  The target victims were young, healthy adults who should have been in the primer of life and immune health.  Instead, an entire generation of productive adults was decimated in a global cataclysmic tragedy.

The GP Perfect Storm begins when conscripted (drafted) young American men were concentrated at training facilities in places like Kansas, where they were given all available unsafe and untested vaccines (lesson not learned).  Does that remind you immediately of the Tuskegee Experiment, but vastly larger?  It should.

John D. Rockefeller, Jr., so directly connected to the history of allopathic medicine and its pharmaceutical industry, was a great proponent of vaccines and vaccine experimentation. We are suffering today from the world-wide consequence of that enthusiasm.

Another of his enthusiasms, eugenics, which he introduced to Kaiser Wilhelm and whose consequences are still horrifyingly with us, was closely tied to his love of vaccines.

These soldiers, ill or not, were then loaded onto crowded troop trains with their equipment, horses, and the pigs and chickens that would feed them.  During the several days that the trains took to bring the men, traveling in close and certainly unhealthy quarters with questionable diets and sanitation, to the embarkation ports on the East Coast, many of the soldiers were ill with adverse vaccine reactions, including infection from the viruses they had been injected/infected with. They were given the – at that time – new miracle drug, aspirin, to suppress their fevers.  With fevers and other symptoms were suppressed, at least partly, they were proclaimed healthy enough for war.

Once the soldiers reached the ports they (and horses, pigs and chickens) were loaded onto even more crowded transport ships which took a couple weeks to reach Europe (apparently enough time to brew some super viruses).

Many US troops did not go directly to battle.  Instead, they were sent for “training”, which was actually experimentation, which exposed them intentionally to battlefield poisons, including mustard gas.

The viruses, incubating in so many sick men, protective fevers suppressed by aspirin, were perfectly place to reassert, recombine and reproduce.  Fevers are part of the protective immune mechanism which kill off dangerous viruses and bacteria.  Their fevers, however, were taken from them by the “miracle drug” which rendered them “fit for duty” when, biologically speaking, they needed to be ill to fight off the infections they had been given.

So, we have the perfect Big Pharma witches’ brew and storm:  sick soldiers, suppressed immune responses, close proximity to each other and animal vectors, vaccines and other mutagenic toxins.  Once the resulting super influenza burst onto the scene… the rest is history.

“That was the first war in which all the known vaccines were forced on all the servicemen. This mish-mash of poison drugs and putrid protein of which the vaccines were composed, caused such widespread disease and death among the soldiers that it was the common talk of the day, that more of our men were being killed by medical shots than by enemy shots from guns.”[3]

Departing soldiers were given leave in New York and other East Coast ports.  The virus was seeded.  Then they were given leave in allied European ports, and the virus was seeded there. They fought and infected their way through Europe.  The virus followed. The returning soldiers brought the disease back home.  Over a half million Americans died.

And all over the world, aspirin for symptoms and vaccines “for prevention” were foisted upon civilians and military alike as the world panicked.

“The result was, that almost the entire population submitted to the shots without question, and it was only a matter of hours until people began dropping dead in agony, while many others collapsed with a disease of such virulence that no one had ever seen anything like it before.

They had all the characteristics of the diseases they had been vaccinated against, the high fever, chills, pain, cramps, diarrhea, etc. of typhoid, and the pneumonia like lung and throat congestion of diphtheria and the vomiting, headache, weakness and misery of hepatitis from the jungle fever shots, and the outbreak of sores on the skin from the smallpox shots, along with paralysis from all the shots, etc.”[4]

The evidence is clear – and tragic.  Early vaccine experiments, where US Soldiers were the subjects, without Informed Consent[5], lead to serious adverse reactions.

“US Army records show that seven men dropped dead after being vaccinated. A report from US Secretary of War Henry L Stimson not only verified these deaths but also stated that there had been 63 deaths and 28,585 cases of hepatitis as a direct result of yellow fever vaccination during only six months of the war. That was only one of the 14 to 25 shots given to recruits.

Army records also reveal that after vaccination became compulsory in the US Army in 1911, not only did typhoid increase rapidly but all other vaccinal diseases increased at an alarming rate. After America entered the war in 1917, the death rate from typhoid vaccination rose to the highest point in the history of the US Army.

The deaths occurred after the shots were given in sanitary American hospitals and well-supervised army camps in France, where sanitation had been practiced for years. The report of the Surgeon-General of the US Army shows that during 1917 there were admitted into the army hospitals 19,608 men suffering from anti-typhoid inoculation and vaccinia.”[6] [Emphasis added – Rima E. Laibow, MD]

Back in World War I, as now, authorities incorrectly claim there is no “treatment” for the Flu. At that time, a hundred years ago, as now, a known natural substance found in food supports strong immune system function.  That natural substance is silver.  In those days, colloidal silver, and today the finer particle size of nano silver provide that support.[7]

But it provides no support at all if it is not used.  And if it is used, the useless and dangerpus nostrum of vaccination, the injection of dangerous substances and foreign proteins into the body, is clearly unwise and illogical.  That was true then and it is true now.

Just before the GP,

“A. B. Searle published “The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease.” from the British Medical Journal, May 12, 1917. This set into motion an incredible amount of buying of silver by many ordinary citizens…”[8]

That means that this year 2018 is both the 100th Anniversary of the Great Flu Pandemic and the 101st Anniversary of Dr. Searle’s article setting an early standard for silver-supported immunity.[9]

What have we learned? Today we know, based on US Government-funded research, that Nano Silver 10 PPM, precisely what Dr. Rima Recommends™[10], supports normal cell membrane integrity,[11] even in the presence of deadly viruses. No penetration of the cell membrane, a major part of our immune system, means that no disease can develop.

And vaccines cause diseases and immune suppression.  Apparently, that information also causes Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest suppression as well.

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