Obamacare Chopped: Natural Options Emerge

Executive Order Opens Door
To Natural Health Solutions


Today the President issued an Executive Order (EO) overriding Congress today on the elusive Obamacare “fix”. This EO tells Federal bureaucrats under his control that they MUST conform to a new public policy while continuing to act within the restrictions of the law.

First, exposing the continuing failures of the so-called “Affordable Care Act”, generally called ‘Obmacare,’ the EO rips into premium costs: “The average exchange premium in the 39 States that are using www.healthcare.gov in 2017 is more than double the average overall individual market premium recorded in 2013.” [Emphasis added]

The EO says the cause of the problem is government regulations limiting both choice and competition and presents policy choices designed to remedy the problem by prioritizing “association health plans (AHPs), short-term, limited-duration insurance (STLDI), and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs).”

Next, the EO lays out specific time-frames and steps that will, in the President’s view, resolve or at least ameliorate, the identified problems.

The implications for the consumer are enormous. The EO directs the Secretary of Labor, within 60 days, to, “consider proposing regulations “… to expand access to health coverage by allowing more employers to form AHPs.”

The Secretary is directed to, in essence, find ways to allow more employers to band together to cover more employees in ways which do not depend on the dysfunctional system cobbled together when Congress adopted the ACA in 2010. Individuals are eligible for the expanded options as well.

The decision to select or change coverage must be made during the ”Open Enrollment Period” which begins November 1, 2017 and closes 6 weeks later in mid December.

Although consumers can expect large numbers of players to jump on this opportunity, Natural Solutions Foundation, aware that this kind of change was in the offing, began looking for solutions well before today’s EO.

After careful evaluation, the Foundation has identified a powerful regulation-compliant approach to health care that is friendly to the natural solutions it endorses as well as conventional medical services.

The Health Excellence Plus (HEP) option is detailed at

The stated policy aim of the EO is “…to facilitate the purchase of insurance across State lines and the development and operation of a healthcare system that provides high-quality care at affordable prices for the American people.”

The new policy requires the Secretaries of Health and Human Services, Treasury and Labor, as well as the Federal Trade Commission, to provide a report to the President in 180 days on the success of the policy goal.

Taking Big Pharma by surprise, today’s Executive Order opens the door for reimbursement of natural health options previously denied by conventional insurance systems. Organizations like Health Excellence Plus, http://tinyurl.com/obamacarealternative, offer the naturally focused consumer a giant step forward in informed consent and “Full-Choice Healthcare.”


White House Source: https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/10/12/presidential-executive-order-promoting-healthcare-choice-and-competition

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