Proposed CO Vax Bill to Demand Names, Addresses of UnVaxed Kids

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Take Action: No Forced Vaccinations

Colorado wants a secret registry of all unvaccinated kids.  What will they do with it?  Who knows.  Oh, the Vax Attackers know.  Take the kids away from the parents, vaccinate the kids, prosecute the parents?  Anything could go.

As we predicted, State-authored medical tyranny is following hard on the passage of California’s unconstitutional SB277 which withdrew religious and personal objection vaccine exemptions from all California children.  Hawaii recently tried, but failed, thanks to public outrage, to pass a bill that would have mandated every vaccine “recommended” the CDC’s corrupt Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).  Every one.  No exemptions.

Now Colorado’s House Bill 1164, which has passed committee scrutiny prior to a State Congressional vote, would go even further:  names and addresses of all unvaccinated children would tracked on secret lists maintained by the state government.

At any time, parents could find their children removed from their custody, vaccinated or otherwise controlled by the State without their permission or notification.

This abuse of parental and human rights depends, of course, on the totally unscientific premise that if vaccinated people encounter unvaccinated ones, somehow the vaccinated ones can get sick even though they are vaccinated. Of course, this makes neither logical nor scientific sense. If the vaccine works, they won’t get sick.  If the vaccine does not work, why give it to anyone?

Here is one of the offending sections from the proposed bill:

“Under current law, parents or students seeking an exemption from
immunization requirements are to submit the required documentation in
support of the exemption to the student’s school.
The bill will require parents or students to submit the
documentation to the department of public health and environment
instead of the school. The department is responsible for determining the
form by which the exemption is to be submitted and for posting on its
website exemption rates for each school.”

The global push for universal vaccination regardless of personal or medical reasons not to inject poison is in full swing although every person in the United States and most other countries has a legally protected right to assert their Informed Consent Rights.  Protect yourself and your loved ones.  Start here:


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