Robert DeNiro Failed Us All

Free Speech? Never Heard of It. Bowing to Pressure? Yeah, That's What Indy Film Is All About, Isn't It?
Free Speech? Never Heard of It. Bowing to Pressure? Yeah, That’s What Indy Film Is All About, Isn’t It?

When the totally-exonerated Dr. Andrew Wakefield teamed up with investigative Reporter Dal Bigtree to tell the story of the CDC Whistleblower William W. Thompson, PhD, in Vaxxed: the Documentary, they were doing a public service and creating a necessary piece of information at the same time.

Apparently it must also have some significant merit as a film because it was accepted for showing at the Tribeca Film Festival run by Robert DeNiro and his two partners and supported by American Express and other corporate megaliths.

DeNiro stated before the festival was launched this year that he was the parent of an autistic child and that this was the first video he has ever requested to have shown at Tribeca.  DeNiro’s wife Grace had brought another video about autism which called for more research to the Tribeca screen several years ago.

Now, I have not seen Vaxxed.  I would like to, of course, and I will as soon as it is available to the public.  The Natural Solutions Foundation has contacted the producer and Dr. Wakefield offering to coordinate screenings around the world for the video since it tells such a vital, and media-ignored story: a senior scientist and co-author of one of the most important papers “proving” that vaccines do not cause autism has presented to the Congress of the United States apparently irrefutable evidence that he was repeatedly ordered to suppress data showing that babies and children vaccinated with Merck’s MMR vaccine before 36 months have vastly increased chances of developing autism, especially black male babies.

That information was, according to over 100,000 documents turned over to the US Congress, ordered changed and suppressed to protect vaccination policy.

That’s the story Vaxxed tells.  After defending its screening, DeNiro caved and the film was withdrawn.

Jon Rappaport, an excellent commentator and observer, has written a powerful piece about what Robert DeNero could have, but did not, do and what the implications are for all of us.

I commend that piece to you.

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