Shocking New Testimony From Former U.S. Military Servicemembers: The Government Tried To Test an ANTHRAX Vaccine On Them!

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From the ‘What Were They Thinking’ File: Shocking New Testimony Reveals U.S. Government Tried To Test an ANTHRAX VACCINE on Military Servicemembers

The reports of government malfeasance regarding the vaccine wars never seem to stop. From the revelations of the film “Vaxxed” to the CDC’s own constant dribble of misinformation that is constantly being proven false, there is no shortage of shocking, disturbing news surrounding vaccines.

Or so you thought.

But a recent video has surfaced showing that yes, Virginia, there is still room to shock people regarding the depths of depravity the government will go to in order to advance its vaccination pipe dreams.

Do you remember Gulf War Syndrome? That mysterious ailment that afflicted thousands of servicemembers who were stationed in the Persian Gulf during Bush Senior’s little foray into the region whilst prepping the area for his son’s eventual debacle there?

Well, there are plenty of soldiers and families of soldiers who remember it. That’s because they are still suffering from its effects or they or their family members have died from it.

This video reveals testimony from a number of servicemembers who claim that the U.S. government was in fact testing out an anthrax vaccine on them–that’s what Gulf War Syndrome really is, the fallout from that ill-fated effort to thwart a non-existent biological attack that never came. And that is why we are not to know ever know what it really is, why its causes and effects remain shrouded mystery and why soldiers even today are roundly mocked when they claim to suffer its effects.

Indeed, by some estimates there are more than 600,000 men and women in the U.S. military, currently and formerly, who are ill with symptoms of the disease, whatever it is. That is nearly a quarter of the 2.2 million who are currently serving.

Many have died.

However, the military continues to hold up the demonstrable falsehood that Gulf War Syndrome is an “emotional ailment” even though the Anthrax vaccine was not approved by the FDA. Indeed, some thirty percent of those vaccinated in the military confirmed vaccine damage, aka Gulf War Syndrome. It was common knowledge among the men and women serving that the vaccines were making people sick and even ending their careers.

All in all, this is a video everyone who has doubts about the efficacy of vaccines should be made to watch. It is heartbreaking, horrifying and maddening all it once, and it is the best 45 minutes you could spend today, if you have any desire to know the truth.

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