Suppressed! Public Health Officials Well Aware Recently Vaccinated are Dangerous

Disinformation: Unvaxxed Spread Disease Information: Vaxxed Spread Disease Why is This a Secret?
Disinformation: Unvaxxed Spread Disease
Information: Vaxxed Spread Disease
Why is This a Secret?

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Say NO to Vaccines Here:

Vaccinated people pose a major public health risk, a fact that doctors and public health officials have long known, and suppressed. Immunocompromised people are warned to steer clear of not only people who are sick, but also children who have recently been vaccinated, as well as adults who have recently received the nasal flu vaccine.

And while we never hear the end of the tut-tutting of people condemning unvaccinated kids as the source of any and all outbreaks–say, for instance, the measles outbreak at Disneyland last year–what about all the millions of people who do receive the vaccinations in question? Walking around and shedding viruses as they go, of course. Yet it is supposedly the UN vaccinated who endanger the vaccinated. By the way, if the vaccinated are protected why would the unvaccinated threaten their health in any way? Ooops! Logic fail!

Obviously there is scientific evidence that the recently vaccinated are potentially infectious–why aren’t there any investigations or reprimands for them?

(Side note: you may not have seen this, as the CDC quietly acknowledged last month that the likely vector for the outbreak of the measles at Disneyland was a foreign visitor or an American tourist returning from overseas, not an unvaccinated American child as has been so often repeated – inaccurately – in the mainstream media.)

There is clear evidence that people vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles and influenza can shed the virus for many weeks or even months after they dutifully receive their injections. And in doing so, they can infect the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.

Indeed, one poor fellow in the UK received the polio vaccine 30 years and has continued to shed live, infective virus for that entire period – and sheds them today!

Or, as Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation puts it: “Evidence indicates that recently vaccinated individuals should be quarantined in order to protect the public.”

But don’t hold your breath waiting for guidelines from the CDC on how to isolate and quarantine the recently immunized. The truth is they would rather keep us in the dark about just how powerful and dangerous their chemicals are. It’s easier just to keep us quietly obedient, dosing ourselves and our children.

That’s why it’s so important to keep up the fight! Don’t forget to get your Informed Consent card, asserting your right to and spread the word about the madness of vaccinations!

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