Fukushima 5 Years After: Free Ebook Now Available

Four Hours Featuring Ambassador Murata and Real Science Solutions
Four Hours Featuring Ambassador Murata and Real Science Solutions                                    Ebook Available on Thank you Page When You Take Action Here: http://TinyURL.com/FukushimaHope                                                                                                                                                     Fukushima: 5 Years Later, Where Are We and What Lies Ahead?, Natural Solutions Foundation’s highly successful and innovative 4 hour livestream Webinar is now available as a fee ebook. In addition to the speakers of the event, which included Ambassador M. Murata, known world wide as “the conscience of Fukushima”, scientists with viable options for meaningful remediation, nutritional specialists and others came together to share information on the problems, and the possibilities of cleaning up Fukushima and other nuclear sites.

Given that conventional nuclear engineering has nothing to offer the clean-up of what is arguably the most devastating nuclear accident in the history of the planet, unconventional solutions that work are essential. Following a chilling discussion of the real risk levels posed by Fukushima by world-renowned radiation risk expert Dr. Chris Busby, scientists focused on how to deal with the situation as it is and the answers may well astonish you.

The free ebook, available as a Thank You for taking action here, http://TinyURL.com/FukushimaHope, includes twice as many interview videos since time constraints forced many of them not be presented as part of the program.

Further webinars will be available through the Natural Solutions Foundation and will be announced in their newsletter.  Sign up for this informative  and innovative e-publication at www.DrRimaTruthReports.com



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