Terrifying Government Intrusion: Reports Say That Authorities Are Going Door To Door To Test Residents For Zika In Florida

Officer at a persons front door

Enter The Government Jackboots: Authorities Going Door To Door Collecting Urine Samples in Florida To ‘Test For Zika’

There are some things we would rightly expect the authorities to go door to door for: searching for a dangerous fugitive on the loose in the area, interviewing people as possible witnesses if a crime occurred in the neighborhood, to enlist the help of neighbors in a search for a lost child, perhaps.

But there are some pictures that are too frightening too contemplate when it comes to government intrusion, yet a prime example of one of these is taking place right now in Florida.

CNN has reported that “Local, state and federal health officials are going door-to-door to ask residents for urine samples and other information in an effort to determine how many people may be infected Additional cases are anticipated.”


Well, now, the gloves are really off aren’t they?

Some reports are stating that the health officials are “demanding” that residents of a neighborhood north of downtown Miami where the virus was found give up their urine sample for testing, although it’s not clear at this time if it is mandatory or not.

The first questions we must are of course by what right do health officials–or any officials for that matter–have to demand or even to ask nicely for medical samples for testing from a person who has been convicted of no crime and isn’t serving under court-mandated probation with such clauses inbuilt?

The second question is, why on earth do they need this information? Let’s review the Zika scare that is ongoing in the U.S. at the moment:

• The virus is not deadly, and often doesn’t even require hospitalization.
• According to CNN’s own breathless report, many people who contract the virus don’t even know they have it.
• The big scare around Zika is the fear that a pregnant woman might contract the disease, and thus have a baby born with microcephaly, such as the recent cases of microcephaly that have turned up in Brazil. However, the link to Zika and microcephaly is so tenuous as to be nearly non-existent. What we aren’t told is that Zika has been around for a long time, and it has been identified for 50 years. It is common in parts of Africa, as well as South America. Yet this latest burst of underdeveloped babies is something entirely new–and it happens to come from a area where there is heavy spraying of pesticides, some of which are experimental, and many of which are so strong that they are illegal in most other countries.

So to a thinking person, this whole episode in the ongoing drama surrounding the Zummer of Zika that the media and government are fogging so relentlessly looks mighty suspicious. It remains to be seen how it will all play out, but don’t hold your breath waiting for CNN or other media outlets to even float a hint that microcephaly might have some other cause.

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