immunization-history_G1_4QLP__thumb Victory for Health Freedom: Oklahoma Legislature Defeats Bill to Take
Conscientious Objection Away from HS Students

Assert your legally protected right of Informed Consent to refuse vaccines

By Kurtis Bright

In a victory for freedom of choice, the Oklahoma Senate killed a bill that would have limited the use of vaccination exemptions among high school students

A senate panel in Oklahoma has quietly defeated a bill that would have limited the ability for high school students to declare themselves “personally exempt” from vaccination requirements.

The bill, which died in the Senate Education Committee, was narrowly defeated on a 6-7 vote. The legislation would have retained the current religious and medical exemptions but it would have prevented students from using the personal exemption.

Some lawmakers expressed relief that students wouldn’t feel pressured to lie about their religious beliefs in order to gain exemption status, as the bill might have forced the hand of students and families who would prefer to opt out of state-mandated vaccinations.

The exemption rate is currently estimated to be between 0.3 percent and 1.5 percent, but one Republican Senator, Ervin Yen, who is also a cardiac anesthesiologist, expressed concern that the rate would increase as a result of the committee’s actions.

A spokesperson for Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice stated that the vote was a move in the right direction, allowing more freedom of choice for families and students.

And of course, with the efficacy of vaccines being called into question in the news so much lately, for instance in this CDC/State of Florida study showing an efficacy rate of less than 50 percent for the whooping cough vaccine in children aged 1-5, one wonders what the point of getting the shots is at all.

One recent study showed that the rate of effectiveness for the influenza vaccine in 2014-2015 was around 19 percent.

19 percent. That is a rate of effectiveness that would get a shortstop in deep trouble with his manager. Heck, even a pitcher would be told to take extra batting practice with a “success” rate like that.

If the schools were able to demonstrate any real value to giving the kids these vaccines, it would make their case a lot stronger. In the meantime, each of us can refuse to be vaccinated no matter what the local or national laws say as long as we live in a Geneva Convention country- and 126 countries are part of that agreement. Find out more and protect yourself and your loved ones: http://TinyURL.com/AVDCard


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