Twitter Sings a Different Tune They Learned From Google: We Own Your Mind

If Twitter joins Google in using algorithms to decide what you should see, know, hear, absorb and thus believe, would you continue to use it?

Google uses the chillingly named “Knowledge Vault” algorithm to lock us knowledge that it thinks you should not see. Or that the government thinks you should not see.  Or that NSF or DHS thinks you should not see.  Or some combination of the above. Twitter has decided to get with the fascist program.

Now Twitter has decided to insert ads on your page that you built to provide profit to advertisers you may not support (or take serious exception to).  That’s bad enough.

But if you offend the Twitter Gods, you could find your account unverified, closed, blocked or locked.

To the best of my knowledge, there is, as with Facebook and Google, no meaningful mechanism of redress.

Political activists, for example, and the politically incorrect have been punished in this way.

Are there Twitter look-alikes out there in the Social Media Sphere that do not censor and control?  If so, please leave a comment about them in the comment section.


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