Children who have been vaccinated turning up with whooping cough at an alarming rate.

Well, that didn’t turn out as planned. 

In several studies from all over the US, children who have been vaccinated with whooping cough are still coming down with illness.

One study that received scant coverage in the mainstream media showed that a group of 26 Florida preschool-aged children were found to have come down with B. pertussis, or whooping cough-like symptoms in 2013–all of whom had been vaccinated. The Tallahassee pre-schoolers, all between the ages of one and five, had received three to four of the CDC-recommended dosages of the pertussis vaccine (DtaP) as prescribed, and yet they still came down with symptoms of the illness.

In all, 40 people associated with the children’s pre-school were diagnosed with symptoms of the disease, including family members and school staff. The outbreak sent four people to the hospital.

And while the statistical significance of that number of children coming down with the disease out of thousands of vaccinated kids may not be very great, the study nevertheless turned up some alarming numbers. Turns out, according to the joint CDC/State of Florida study, that the pertussis vaccine is only effective 45 percent of the time. 

Yes, you read that right. 

45 percent. That’s less than half the time, for those of us who didn’t major in math. 

Which means if you flipped a coin 100 times you’d have a better chance of coming up heads than the powers-that-be have of effectively vaccinating your kids against whooping cough. 

What’s worse, the fact of the vaccinations themselves may have provided the disease an assist in spreading. The study also found that doctors were reluctant to diagnose whooping cough in kids who had recently been vaccinated, thus allowing the infection to continue unchecked and spread to family members and others. In fact, some care providers didn’t even test for pertussis at first, despite the presentation of symptoms, simply because the kids were on record as having received their vaccinations.

Which really shouldn’t be all that surprising, even as horrible as it is. Having been indoctrinated for decades in the mindset that vaccines are always effective, the doctors didn’t have the critical thinking skills to see what was actually happening right in front of their eyes. Try to imagine a doctor’s reluctance to tell parents of vaccinated kids that the “protection” they so thoughtfully insisted on providing to the their young ones was useless. Worse than useless, when you consider the collateral damage in the form of family members and school staff who were infected. 

And the Florida study isn’t an isolated case. In a Kaiser Permanente study of 1200 California adolescents, the whooping cough vaccine was found to be effective only 69 percent of the time during pertussis outbreaks between 2010 and 2014. 

And in a 2015 study in Pediatrics on pertussis in infants under 1 year of age found that older siblings were often a “major reservoir for the infection.”

All of which would seem to logically prompt a seemingly reasonable question that is so often received with such hostility:

If vaccines don’t protect us from the diseases they’re supposed to, what are they for?

That of course is the subject for another article, but it is almost certainly a question that parents in Florida and California are asking themselves right about now.

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