Conventional Medicine Major Cause of Death

What is the Real Cost of Medicine?  Your Life and a Lot of Money!
Studies Show the Real Cost of Medicine: Your Life, Your Health and a Whole Lot of Money!*

Doctor knows best.  Take these pills and you’ll be fine.  Not fine? Oh, then take these pills. Take both of them.  Not better?  Try these, too, and we’ll increase the first one. It’s called “Poly-pharmacy” (“many medicines”) and is one of the ways that conventional (“allopathic”) medicine kills. And kills and kills and kills.

As Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation** says,

“I have practiced medicine and psychiatry for 46 years.  In that time I have never needed to prescribe a pharmaceutical drug or vaccine to enhance the well-being of a single patient.  Because of that I am keenly aware that drugs are, except in the Emergency Room, ICU and Surgical Suite, unnecessary.  I am also aware of the harm that they do both long and short term.
The best thing a person can do when the doctor hands them a prescription is smile politely, walk out of the office, tear up the prescription and go see a naturopath, chiropractor, herbalist, homeopath or other health care specialist who knows how to heal, not to harm.”

The graph above shows some of the others: Adverse Drug Reactions for outpatients, surgical complications for procedures that were unnecessary, infections that could have been prevented or treated with Nano Silver 10 PPM, the most effective and safest – AND FDA approved for a host of uses- tool for powerful immune support, malnutrition (borne out of cost saving efforts in hospitals, nursing homes, etc., and the utterly abysmal ignorance of doctors about nutrition) and, of course, Adverse Drug Reactions in hospital to properly used drugs.

Medical error is the second greatest killer by allopathic doctors.

According to doctors like Dr Rima, when the doctor hands you a prescription, urged on, of course, by the pretty/handsome young and appealing drug rep, you are the buying end of a deadly industry, no matter what the marketing says about medical wisdom, science-based medicine and the like.  You are a cash cow and, frankly, the sicker you are, the better for the pharmaceutical dairy farmers milking you.

Unless, of course, you do not fill the prescription or take the vaccination, asserting your legally protected Informed Consent Rights.



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