Welcome To Vaccine Slavery: Indiana Hospital Workers Continue To Fight Against Vaccine Mandates

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Fighting Mandatory Vaccines: Indiana Hospital Workers Patient Zero In State-Mandated Vaxx Fight

As the Centers for Disease Control make low-key moves that could mandate vaccines for all much sooner than we think, a group of hospital workers in Indiana is showing the rest of the country and the world what vaccine mandates look like on the ground–and what the future may hold for the rest of us.

First some background: the CDC has quietly released its new “Rules for the Control of Communicable Diseases,” and it is scary stuff ind eed that is not being covered in the mainstream press. The agency is proposing that it give itself the right to detain and quarantine anyone it sees fit, prevent people from traveling, and, some say, forcibly vaccinate people.


They also have decided to grant themselves the right to detain entire groups of people, meaning if someone in your neighborhood fell ill, you and your family could be rounded up along with the sick people and detained.

All under the rubric of containing a disease outbreak. From the proposed new guidelines:

“When an apprehension occurs, the individual is not free to leave or discontinue his/her discussion with an HHS/CDC public health or quarantine officer.”

This is nothing short of a total abrogation of the 4th Amendment, the right of Americans to be free from unlawful harassment without probably cause that a crime has been committed, and many rightly see this as a naked power grab slickly hidden under the guise of protecting our health.

Now back to Indiana: four years ago a group of Indiana hospital workers sued when they were fired for refusing to be vaccinated. The hospital had a requirement that any employees who had regular contact with patients receive a number of vaccines, including an annual flu vaccine, and these eight workers refused, saying that such a mandate could conflict with their personal, religious, or health beliefs.

As there is no blanket rule in Indiana regarding vaccinations for hospital workers, the legislature took up the issue, but failed to reach a consensus.

In the meantime, these hospital workers are out of a job, and persecuted for standing up for their beliefs in what should or should not go into their bodies.

This Indiana case is a microcosm of the future the CDC envisions for all of us. Imagine being stopped and detained by a CDC functionary as you are about to board a plane and questioned about what vaccines you may or may not have had.

Does that sound anything like any America you learned about in school?

What it sounds like is that these hospital workers in Indiana might be the canaries in the coal mine, signaling a future with medical mandates for everyone, not just those who work with sick people.

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