If Sirhan Sirhan’s Gun Held 8 Bullets, Why Were There 13 Shots When RFK Was Killed?

Sirhan Prison

Sirhan Sirhan killed RFK 48 years ago.  Everybody knows it. 

Sirhan cannot recall that night but it is clear that he was standing in the crowd in front of Kennedy.  His gun, holding 8 bullets, fired and Bobby Kennedy died. From a bullet fired 1 inch from the back of his head.

A total of 5 additional bullets, including the one that actually killed Bobby Kennedy were found, several of them in the pantry wall and door frame where the Kennedy party entered the event. LAPD documented them and removed 2 of the bullets from their resting place in the wall.

Grant Cooper, Sirhan’s lawyer was severely compromised, facing indictment and loss of his license for mafia-related possible Grand Jury tampering.  He simply sold Sirhan out, refusing to put into evidence the additional bullets fired and other potentially exonerating information.

Why did Cooper and the LAPD suppress the evidence around RFK’s death?  It’s a story everyone needs to know, involving not only organized crime, the assignation of JFK and Fidel Castro’s CIA-planned assasination but, unsurprizingly, the CIA itself.

Read more here: http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/35070-focus-sirhans-parole-hearing-is-perhaps-our-last-chance-to-know-the-truth

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