Nutritionists Wouldn’t Eat These So-Called Healthy Foods On A Dare–Neither Should You

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Here Are Some Trickster Foods That Try To Fool You Into Thinking They Are Healthy–They’re Lying!

We discuss truth in advertising here quite often. These days is seems like everyone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes in some way or another, be it government agencies, politicians, or the corporations that run them, it is very difficult to not be assaulted with at least some modicum of B.S. at some point in your day.

When it comes to food the lies are particularly egregious. From the laughable canard posted on the business pages every day saying that Monsanto–and now their new partners Bayer–just want to “feed the poor,” to the constant shilling by government telling us that just a little glyphosate won’t hurt us, or that HFCS is basically the same thing as cane sugar, our lives are sodden with misinformation, half-truths and outright lies.

Then it comes to food labels. There is so much B.S. that is permitted on food packaging that the toothless Food and Drug Administration might as well not exist.

So just to make sure you aren’t being fooled, here are a few foods that try to pass themselves off as healthy, but which are anything but.

• No-sugar added ice cream – The secret to products like no-sugar ice cream is that when they take away one thing, they add another. So instead of natural sugar which you body knows how to process, you are instead eating artificial sweeteners–which by the way, studies have shown to be complicit in the obesity and Type 2 diabetes epidemic, as they stimulate our appetites and our bodies drive to store fat and put on weight. In essence they fool our bodies into thinking we are getting sugar, but when those calories aren’t forthcoming, it crosses the signals. The other danger with these “no-added sugar” labels is we justify eating much more than we should, thinking it’s a “freebie.” Instead, enjoy the occasional small bowl of natural, organic ice cream with actual sugar, just do so sensibly.
• Puffed veggie chips and sticks – Hey, look at this! Veggie sticks! In the potato chip aisle! That must be a healthier choice, right? ‘Fraid not. The prominent use of the word “veggie” or “made from 100 percent vegetables” notwithstanding, things like Pirate’s Booty and veggie sticks also contain a long list of other ingredients including soy flour, corn starch, white rice flour and other fillers. They often only have negligibly fewer calories than potato chips, and often just as many preservatives and other chemicals holding them together.
• Big-brand salad dressings – If you are eating salad it seems like you’re doing the right thing for your health–and you are–but you can ruin that but dousing your greens in goop. Many commercial salad dressings contain highly processed oils, like partially hydrogenated oil, as well as loads of sugar and even high fructose corn syrup. You are better off looking for natural dressings that only have ingredients on the label that you can identify: olive oil, sea salt, lemon, etc. Better yet make your own! There’s this thing called the internet these days with about a million brilliant recipes you can get for free!

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