OIiver Nails Big Pharma Greed, But Why Are We Still Giving Them The Money?

John Oliver Gets It Right: Big Pharma is Ruthless and Dangerous:
But Why are WE Making Them Rich?

As he often does, John Oliver nailed Big Pharma’s illogic and greed in a hilarious/horrifying look at the deceit and mean-spirited-ness of an industry we persist in seeing as benign and public spirited because we are willing to be gulled by advertising and trust the pharmaceutical shill class: physicians.

Doctors are lulled and gulled into accepting information and advice from people who are paid to lull and gull them – and pay them.  None of this would be possible, of course, without the complicity of the public, who, instead of choosing to think through whether vaccines and drugs (properly used drugs are the single the largest killers in the US, UK, Canada and elsewhere according to numerous studies published in the Journal of the AMA and elsewhere*).

It would be nice if Oliver’s revelations were news.  Sadly, although his presentation is wonderful, all of the information has been out and about for decades and the situation just keeps getting worse.

Cholesterol drugs are a scam and a sham: the body makes cholesterol for a reason and the “normal” levels are absurdly unhealthy and dangerous.

Antidepressants and stimulants for ADD/ADHD are a scam and a sham and do permanent damage to the brain and other organs.

Vaccines are a scam and a sham and create life-long illness  ranging from autism (supported by numerous studies) to asthma to Alzheimer’s Disease to diabetes to Herpes Zoster. They also kill people and cause both spontaneous abortions and infertility.

The list is much longer than the catalog of Big Pharma products since each drug causes multiple harms.

We all have the right to assert and exercise Informed Consent. Protection against drugs starts with the words, “No thanks, Doctor” while protection against vaccines, where unconstitutional mandates are being brought forward at an astonishing rate, starts with a lawful assertion of that right: www.DrRimaTruthReports.com/AdvanceVaccineDirective.




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