Psychiatric Drugs: Unproven, Unsafe, Unnecessary? Yes, Yes, Yes.

Dr. Kelly Brogan joins the list of psychiatrists who know that depression (and other psychiatric illnesses) do not respond to psychiatric drugs

By Rima E. Laibow, MD

When I graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (NY) in 1970 there were few psychiatric drugs and psychiatrists were dismissed by many as not being real doctors quite literally because they had no drugs to offer.  That’s how deep the propaganda runs!

During the 5 years of my post graduate training in Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry Nathan Klein and his colleagues introduced one drug after another and the absolutely unscientific, but vastly profitable “discipline” of Biological Psychiatry was born.

Psychiatrists and other doctors were “trained” to dispense dangerous, unfounded and ineffective medications like Pez, somehow believing that since they were used with tremendous frequency, they must somehow both work and be a reasonable substitute for safe, effective, less profitable, but more time-consuming treatment of depression, obsession, panic, anxiety, grief and both normal and disturbed childhood.

Dr. Kelly Brogan, in this lovely video, dispels four of the basic, magnificently marketed, but  unfounded beliefs   which propel the vast pharmaceutical market for depression. Dr. Brogan does not mention the expansion of the way these these dangerous chemicals are used: children, pregnant women, the elderly, adolescents and more when these applications are even less rational, less researched, more dangerous than the indications for which the drugs are approved.

Nor does she delve into the process of approval itself, so filled with flaws that, unknown to the public,

  1. 50% of the drugs approved by FDA will be withdrawn as too hazardous within 5 years of market approval
  2. Market approval is actually Stage IV Clinical Trial approval: use in the general public to see how hazardous the drug in when it is used by a broad sector of society.  See No. 1 above
  3. All anti psychotic and anti depressive drugs carry black box warnings because of their homicidal and suicidal though and action enhancement
  4. Drugs can be approved without even a single clinical trial (a wildly flawed process.  See No. 1 above) Wellbutrin(R) XL, a 300 mg preparation of Bupropion HCL was approved on a “statistical model” study of effects based on the already-available 150 mg dose.  The results were cataclysmic. See No. 1 above

GMOs are approved by the same FDA on the basis of a totally mythical “Substantial Equivalence” between GMOs (proprietary, unsafe) and non patentable [real] foods in the absence of any scientific testing or validation of their safety for the consumer or the environment in the largest non Informed Consent experiment ever conducted on this planet.

This is not an agency to rely on for safety, honesty, transparency or truth.  And psychiatric drugs, as Dr. Brogan so elegantly demonstrates, are worthless and dangerous. There most certainly is a better way!

Find out more about Dr. Brogan’s new book, A Mind of Your Own, here:

A Psychiatrist’s Perspective on Antidepressants




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