Stunning Verdict Ignores The Evidence: Grieving Anti-Vaccination Parents Likely To Be Sentenced To Prison After Child’s Death

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Anti-Vaccination Parents Found Guilty After Child’s Death; Exculpating Evidence Ignored As Grieving Couple To Be Sentenced To Prison Time.

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In a case that has been closely followed by people on all sides of the vaccination debate, a verdict came down the other day for a Canadian couple who lost their 18-month-old unvaccinated son, and the results defied logic, no matter where you stand.

David and Collet Stephan were found guilty this week of “failing to provide the necessaries of life” for their deceased child, a verdict that stunned the couple and supporters alike.

Especially confounding was the expert testimony and evidence presented during the trial that showed that the child could very likely be alive today were it not for massive failures on the part of the medical system.

Regardless, the Stephans face up to 5 years in prison. Sentencing takes place in early June.

The family believes that they have been chosen as a scapegoat and a warning sign for other families who might be considering forgoing vaccinations for their children–which, by the way, is perfectly legal in Canada. Many think that in order to push through the public sentiment necessary for support for laws that would mandate vaccines, the Canadian government is using the Stephan’s case as a backdoor means to compel parents to vaccinate.

The entire story of what the family endured over those harrowing days when Ezekiel lost his life after such a brief time on earth is too convoluted to relate in its entirety here, but suffice to say that there is way more to it than the mainstream press or the government is telling. To wit:

• Concerned with Ezekiel’s health in the days prior to his death, the Stephans pursued many avenues for assessment and help. A nurse came and saw him at their home and pronounced his vitals normal and his lungs clear, for one.
• The boy showed signs of improvement the very afternoon of his death. He was active and playing normally.
• While the medical examiner was unable to name a specific cause of death, they gave an “opinion,” saying it pointed to bacterial meningitis and an infection in his left lung. Despite this uncertainty as to cause of death, the prosecution showed no compunctions about pursuing a strategy of persecuting the Stephans for not vaccinating.
• As the family rushed with a non-responsive Ezekiel to a distant hospital, they passed by an ambulance that was not informed of their predicament by dispatch.
• The ambulance they finally did rendezvous with was not properly equipped, missing a vital intubation device that could have saved the boy’s life.

Again, even people on the pro-vaccination side of things have to recognize how shady and contrived this entire case is. Even as a test case to begin the process of frightening people on the fence about vaccines it stinks to high heaven. You would have thought the government could have done better.

Let’s hope the sentencing and presumed appeal go better for this poor family as they have already lost enough.

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Non-Vaccinating Parents Found Guilty After Child Died – Exonerating Evidence Ignored

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