Why is Dr. William Thompson Still Working At The CDC? Revelations From Dr. Brian Hooker May $hed $ome Light on the $ubject

Reasons Why Dr. William Thompson’s is Staying at CDC Despite His Whistle-Blowing Come To Light

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In light of the revelations that came out of the documentary “Vaxxed,” largely as a result of the whistle-blowing of Dr. William Thompson of the CDC in regard to his revelations that the CDC covered up data linking the MMR vaccine to autism, his original confessor Dr. Brian Hooker has come forward with new information.

Dr. Hooker has released a statement to clarify some old information on his relationship with Dr. Thompson and some things that were communicated between them, and also with some new revelations into the good doctor’s continuing tenure at the CDC.

Inexplicably, Dr. Thompson has retained his position at the CDC despite his devastating revelations of fraud and cover-up at the agency. Not only that, despite the revelations that there were deeply concerning issues at the CDC, not a single Congressional committee has called for hearings on the subject.

But in the wake of the huge explosion of controversy surrounding “Vaxxed,” what has become apparent is that various government bodies are circling the wagons on several fronts. This is of COURSE not to imply collusion on the part of the CDC, Congress, and the media, but the coordination with which these events are occurring is interesting to say the least.

• Despite Congressman Bill Posey (R-Fla) calling for hearings in the wake of receiving damning documents regarding CDC cover-up of a link between MMR vaccine and elevated risk of autism in African-American boys from Dr. Thompson, no hearings have been scheduled to date
• When Dr. Thompson tried to warn then-CDC head Julie Gerberding–who was recently in the news because as current Vice President of Merck’s Vaccine division, she sold shares of Merck stock valued at $2.3 million–he was summarily replaced as speaker at an Institute of Medicine meeting on vaccines. His replacement, Dr. Frank Destefano, who currently heads up the CDC’s Immunization Safety Office, then presented fraudulent results regarding MMR and autism.
• Dr. Thompson received a $24,000 “retention bonus” when he attempted to leave the agency after his complaints about the questionable study were dismissed.

The fact of the matter is, if this were any other government agency, without the direct links to Big Pharma and its billions of dollars in loot and its potential trillions of dollars in future vaccines and royalties–as long as everyone dutifully remains on board the vaccine train–there is no way this kind of malfeasance would be allowed to continue without at least the fig leaf of a congressional hearing.

Congress is full of men and women who are downright eager to posture and parade and primp before the cameras on any and all manner of trumped-up faux outrage. Why is this topic in particular taboo?

You get one gue$$.

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