US Govt Warns “We are on Brink of Pandemic”

US Govt Warns “We are on Brink of Pandemic”
COVID-19 Pandemic Nearly Here
Says Top US Official

“We’re really kind of at that brink. If China can contain their outbreak much better than they are and prevent wide distribution, we could avoid a global pandemic. If they don’t, we’re gonna have a global pandemic. We’re teetering right on the line …” Anthony Fauci, Head of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Feb. 17, 2020

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a familiar face in pandemic induction and propaganda, is “reassuring” us again. [1]  That must mean the Quarantine is failing.

We do not know much about the situation in China (despite the fact that China has now accepted CDC aid in “fighting” the COVID-19 “pandemic” and has expelled three Wall Street Journal reporters.

We (say the Public Health Authorities) are not sure if there are symptom-free cases in the US or if people with symptoms actually have COVID-19 because… Um, well, just because.

But we are doing index surveillance in 5 large US cities.

And, of course, we “need” a vaccine and we are “lucky” enough that on January 24, the National Institutes of Health partnered with Moderna, a Boston based vaccine manufacturer to make sure that we have it right away. [2]

BTW, the US govt holds a patent on cornonavirus and vaccination; US Patent #US7220852

But if that does not work out, never fear, because the Chinese government announced two days after that, on January 26, 2020 that it was rushing to create its own vaccine. Maybe in the same disease weaponization lab in Wuhan from which COVID-19 was released?

Headline:  Drugmakers are rushing to create and test a coronavirus vaccine. Here’s how they’re doing it.

I wonder, as a skeptical onlooker, if their creation of the novel coronavirus vaccine will be slower or faster than their creation of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, itself?

Given that the corona virus family mutates and re-assorts rapidly, my thought is that immune protection, not immune degradation, would be a better way to protect people. And let’s go one step further: that’s my considered professional  opinion as a doctor of medicine, as a “learned intermediary” between the Public Health Authorities and my patients.

cand even when concerned about critters that want to attach to your cells, penetrate them and reproduce once they get there – the processes by which viruses cause disease. *

No attachment, no penetration, no replication, no disease. It is that simple. It’s how a normal immune system is supposed to function.

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I strongly recommend that anyone interested in NOT being a statistic in this pandemic do the same.

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Dr. Rima
Rima E. laibow, MD
Natural Solutions Foundation

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