Vaccines Good! Truth/Freedom Bad! Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph Propaganda Machine Working Overtime to Smear Anti-Xaxxers

Just a Tiny Portion of the More than $3Billion US Paid to the Vaccine Injured by the US Government, NOT by the Rupert Murdoch Empire
Just a Tiny Portion of the More than $3Billion US Paid to the Vaccine Injured by the US Government, NOT by the Rupert Murdoch Empire

You have a legally protected right to assert Informed Consent and refuse vaccines:

They’re at it again. The Anti-Vax-For-Hire Presstitute Team is in full smear.

You know what they say about name-calling:

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

Another thing they say about name-calling–and by “they” I mean children in the schoolyard. They’re right. But another group of children, the “press” corps hard at work at Rupert Murdoch’s corporate swill farm known as The Daily Telegraph and associated media junk outlets, is working hard to turn those lies into laws that most assuredly can hurt you, kill you, turn your child into an asthmatic, autistic or otherwise damaged child and take away benefits that you may need to feed and clothe them!

They’re working overtime this month, smearing parents right and left who want to make their own decisions regarding their children’s health and opt out of vaccinations.

The latest epithet to come bubbling up out of the fever swamp that is Murdoch’s deplorable propaganda rag bin has been penned by one Maria Billias. She has decided to go for broke and come up with a brutal and deceptive name for parents who choose not to inject their kids with dangerous poisons of dubious efficacy and which have been proven deadly time and again: these parents are to be known henceforth as “Child Abusers”, according to Billias and her masters at the Telegraph.

That’s right, the Telegraph has outdone even its own scummy self, following up on the absurd, but very ugly words another so-called journalist for the paper recently used in reference to parents who don’t vaccinate their kids: “Terrorists” and “Baby Killers”.

There is, of course, a seriously important piece of information missing here: Vaccinated people shed viruses. They infect both the vaccinated (because vaccines don’t really provide protection (check out the CDC websites on the various vaccines and the package inserts for confirmation of that) and the unvaccinated. Parents who do not vaccinate their kids or themselves are actually promoting health.

Health, but not profits, you see. Rupert, his son Jefferey and his empire are very, very closely tied to the vaccine industry and make a great deal of money from it and from the downstream conditions and diseases that then have to be treated. Ooops! Tiny little oversight. Vaccines kill babies, spread diseases and cause chronic conditions including cancer and infertility. There are baby killers involved here but they are not the parents who don’t vaccinate.

So in a way, I suppose, Miss Billias is taking the hyperbole down a notch.

But only a notch. Her piece, an opinion screed with no noticeable supporting evidence and lacking even a single outside link for dubious readers to follow up and check her evidence on their own, could be boiled down to one basic argument: anti-vaccine people are bad, pro-vaccine people are good.

She doesn’t mention the countless examples of children who have been injured, hospitalized or even killed as a result of vaccines. She doesn’t bother to list all the ingredients that she so blithely insists all parents should and must pump into the bloodstreams of their most precious ones.

No, apparently people who disagree with Billias and her Murdoch overlords aren’t to be engaged on their arguments. Simply reduced to “crackpots,” conspiracists, and “a bunch of imbeciles.”

Look, here’s the truth: even if Miss Billias had legitimate arguments–which, again, she declined to present–she should know better than to resort to name-calling. It completely undermines her point–whatever that might have been. Again, we can’t know because she never made a cogent argument, and she only appeared to be petty and childish.

The other point to be made here is that this sort of sniping sans supporting arguments would not be tolerated for nearly any other group of people. Imagine a journalist applying the same sort of broad-brush smearing of any other group: liberals, economists, truck drivers, conservatives–this is hate speech, pure and simple, that is, if it were directed at anyone else.

In the States our tongue-in-cheek journalist’s joke is that it’s still okay to make fun of just two groups: rednecks and people from New Jersey. Looks like we have to add anti-vaccination supporters to the list.

Yes, they’re certainly at it again, down in Murdoch-land.

Of course that phrase would imply that they ever stopped.

Which they haven’t.


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