While Deluded Drug Warriors Continue To Fight Battles That Were Lost Back In The “Reefer Madness” Days, Many Seniors Are Turning To Medical Marijuana

Marijuana: Its Not Just For Kids Anymore: Seniors Turning With Increasing Frequency To Medical Marijuana Treatments For A Variety Of Ailments

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“But what about the children? Won’t somebody think of the children??”

That is a line from a wonderful character that most hardcore fans of the Simpsons will recognize as being Mrs. Lovejoy, the Reverend’s wife. She is the town gossip and a pious Christian lady, but she is perhaps best known as the town scold: she’s the person who organizes anti-rock and roll rallies, book-burnings, and generally goes out of her way to ruin everyone else’s fun.

And of course, she was the driving force behind a failed attempt at imposing prohibition on the decidedly sloshed town.

But apparently Mrs. Lovejoy’s rote argument invoking the poor, poor children is the best that harried drug warriors can manage these days when it comes to fighting the rising tide of marijuana freedom that is sweeping across the U.S. and the world.


Interestingly, it is increasingly people on the other end of the spectrum of life that are finding medical marijuana to be of great benefit for their health and well-being. More and more seniors, having found themselves tethered to lifetime of ineffective pills laden with miserably side-effects are finding that medical marijuana can have a tremendous effect on their health issues.

Finding that it can aid people with a wide variety of so-called “age-related issues” such as lack of appetite, nausea from other medication, arthritis, glaucoma, chronic pain, and the side effects of chemotherapy, more and more doctors are prescribing medical marijuana for their elderly patients.

Indeed, as the fastest-growing segment of the population in the U.S., it should perhaps come as no surprise that seniors account for as much as 50 percent of all medical marijuana users, according to Americans for Safe Access, the country’s largest member-based medical marijuana advocacy group.

Some elderly cancer patients are even claiming that marijuana has helped to kill, alleviate, or at least slow the spread of their cancer.

Naturally, the medical establishment isn’t terribly happy with this turn of events. If it in any way contradicts the parasitic/symbiotic relationship between doctors and Big Pharma, if it in any way suggests that something natural might be more effective, healthy, and ultimately sustainable in terms of treatment, then the establishment will do everything it can to snuff it out.

Witness the fact that many seniors living in assisted living facilities are routinely denied access to medical marijuana, as facility management–increasingly run by corporations with only one consideration in mind, and it ain’t your grandma’s health–fearing the tut-tutting of busybodies like Mrs. Lovejoy, often won’t allow it.

With the plethora of science, double-blind, controlled studies showing that medical marijuana has real effects on a variety of ailments, it is high time for a change at the national level.

Won’t someone think of the children?

Hell, how about someone think of the grandparents instead?

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Older Americans Turning to Medical Cannabis to Heal Cancer and Other Diseases

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