Youtube Livestream “Fails” to Process Powerful Interview With Aussie Vax Truth Teller Meryl Dorey

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3 April 2016:  UPDATE: The Archive took a week to “process” and is now available on YouTube at: 

How Come Youtube’s Livestream System, Which Has Worked Perfectly Before, “Failed” to Process Australian Vaccine Truth Teller Meryl Dorey’s Interview on the Dr. Rima Truth Reports? Because Google REALLY Doesn’t Want You to Have Her Information?

By Rima E. Laibow, MD

Meryl Dorey is no stranger to opposition.  As a leading voice of vaccine truth in Australia, a nation with a No Jab, No Pay law depriving parents of about $16,000 US per year per child if they do not vaccinate their children, regardless of religious or other objections they may have to those vaccinations, Meryl has seen her share of attacks, opposition and chicanery.

In fact, there were Australian trolls present on that chat yesterday, March 30, 2016, when Meryl appeared as the guest on the Dr. Rima Truth Reports, broadcast via live stream every Wednesday from 6-8 PM Eastern with access through

My Co Host, Counsel Ralph Fucetola, JD, and I spent two passionate hours with Meryl learning about the assault not only by the pro-vax religionists (aka Australian Skeptics and others) but also how, for the first and only time known, the Australian (or any) government forced a private organization to change its name because the government did not like the name, not because it was pornographic, in other use, or for other legitimate reasons.

Her organization was forced to change its name from “Australian Vaccine Network” to “Australian Vaccine Skeptic’s Network”.

Meryl also explained that the process at law in Australia requires that an organization secure the opinion of a barrister that there is a reasonable expectation of winning a law suit if the organization’s officers wish to avoid the possibility of personal and financial liability should they not prevail in the case and that they had now secured the written opinion of a barrister stating that their case in the High Court against the No Jab, No Pay law had merit.

Counsel Ralph and I discussed the application and importance of International Law which guarantees every person in a country which has ratified the Geneva Convention (which includes Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand and 122 other nations around the world) the absolute right of Informed Consent.

That right must be properly asserted, however.  Learn more here:

This is toxic information for a suppressive surveillance government (or two) and we must wonder if the unique failure to process this data is another form of censorship like those that the Australian Vaccine Skeptic’s Network and the Natural Solutions Foundation experience so often.

The stronger the oppositional force that we present to those who would compel us to accept vaccines against our will, the more likely this censorship is.  The Foundation has been the target of Operation Choke Point, shut us down because we were running a campaign to raise the funds to take the FDA to Federal Court to force them to support Informed Consent and Natural Solutions Foundation’s websites are constantly hacked.

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