CDC Statistics: Measles Vaccine MUCH More Deadly Than Measles

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Remember the old joke:

“My head hurts?”

“You should probably have it removed”

 Of course, that’s funny because the cure is so much worse than the problem.

But the current brouhaha around the measles vaccine is no joke—the truth is that the vaccine is far more deadly than the measles. When the cure is more likely to kill you than the disease itself, can you really call it a cure? And why would you pass laws mandating it?

For people concerned about their vaccinated children potentially contracting measles from unvaccinated children, you might want to refocus your energies. In fact, the vaccinated shed the virus which can transmit the measles to unvaccinated people – or ot other vaccinated ones since being vaccinated does not provide protection against getting the measles, according to the CDC! Not only that, but the vaccine itself can CAUSE the measles.

In fact, according to US Government sources, the bigger health threat is the vaccine, not the disease itself.

Official CDC data and the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) show that nobody has died from measles in the US in over 10 years, whereas there have been at least 108 deaths reported to VAERS during the same period linked to measles vaccines. It is generally acknowledged by public health experts that VAERS reports represent between 1-10% of all cases so we are talking about anywhere from 1080 to 10800 measles vaccine deaths in the US per year against 0 measles deaths!

And that does not count the hundreds of thousands of cases of autism and other developmental and neurological diseases associated with Merck’s MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella) vaccine according to numerous authoritative sources including CDC Whistleblower William Thompson, PhD.

In an irrational environment where any outbreak is treated with the gravity of a sighting of plague rats or the walking dead, the well-funded forces of pro-vaccination groupthink are quick to overreact to even a few isolated cases of the measles. Measles as an infection provides life-long immunity and appears to reduce mid-like cancer incidence. It is a benign, 3 day inconvenience and nothing more.

Whereas measles was once a fairly common disease that many caught and were slightly annoyed by, today it has been marketed into a cataclysmic disease, a something that will definitely, positively, and absolutely kill your kid and probably everyone else in your house too.

The problem here is that of course the pro-vaxxers ignore the statistics and the facts since they do not support the pro-vax position and make arguments based on their feeling that they must be right rather than the science that shows so clearly that they are wrong. With no deaths due to measles having been reported in the U.S. since 2003, you might think the hysterics would reconsider at least their tone if not their actual message. And they might if so much money were not involved.

Especially when you consider that 108 people can be shown to have died from the very vaccine that is meant to protect their precious snowflakes!

It is, frankly, nothing short insanity. Well, actually, it’s beyond insanity. It’s propaganda.

There are no words to describe how divorced from reality one has to be to believe these absurdaties, especially when you consider that measles isn’t even really much of a threat to begin with. But in Australia, family government benefits for people who do not vaccinate their children are already being withheld, and some even call for jail time for parents of unvaccinated children and vaccine deniers! So, yes, insanity is an apt word. It’s the only word that applies if you include lying propaganda serving non health-related agendas regardless of the consequences to vaccinated children a category of insanity.

A pitched battle is being fought right now. It’s a battle not only for the future and the future of our kids, but a battle for their very lives and their freedoms. Don’t go into battle without being fully armed, in this case knowing the facts before you make any decisions that could have devastating effects on your life and the lives of your children.

And you’ll need to be armed with the knowledge of exactly how assert your right to Informed Consent and refuse vaccines correctly.

To assert your legally protected right of Informed Consent to refuse vaccines, visit

Measles Vaccines Kill More People than Measles, CDC Data Proves

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