Fukushima Onsite Inspection Shows Hopeless Contamination – Arnie Gunderson

There is no safe dose of radiation. Fukushima lives on and on and on
There is no safe dose of radiation. Fukushima lives on and on and on

Arnie Gunderson, Chief Engineer for FaireWinds Energy Education, reports onsite from Fukushima prefecture, giving us a sorrowful, but precise, picture of what a post nuclear site looks like*:

  • Abandoned homes no one will ever live in again
  • 3″0 million plastic bags of radioactive debris weighing a total of 30 million tons dotting the farms and fields, front yards and roads
  • 19 counts per second of plutonium in a square meter of earth, a deadly radioactive compound which does not occur in nature of which a single molecule can, and does, cause cancer
  • Cesium levels 25,000,000 Bequerels per kilogram of material (2.2 pounds)
  • New high tech radiation control incinerators with a capacity so small, 10 tons per day, that combustion of the radioactive debris will take  a thousand years
  • “Monkey poop” collected from monkeys that live in the hillsides with 50,000 Becquerels (1 Bequerel = 1 radioactive decay per second)
  • “Decontamination” of areas that are re-contaminated because cleaning takes place only within 20 feel of the roadside so any rainfall or movement of dirt or dust recontaminates the area
  • “Towns” opened during the day for decontamination workers which are closed at night because it is too dangerous to stay that many hours in the area
  • Background counts in Fukushima City of 40 counts per minute but 10 times higher in the hills.
  • All of this material is running to the Pacific Ocean

Arnie talks about half life: If you have a hundred molecules of something radioactive with a half life of 30 years (like cesium 137, for example), that means that after that time, you would have 50 molecules of the radioactive material.  After another 30 years, you would have 25 molecules of the radioactive material. After another 30 years, you would have 12.5 molecules, then in another 30 years, now 120 years, you would have 6.25 molecules of dangerous radioactive material, in this example, cesium 137.
After 150 years, there would be 3 molecules of the cesium. Three molecules of cesium137 to cause heart disease, birth defects, cancer, infertility, diabetes, neurological deterioration, etc.

Plutonium239 has a half life of 24,110 years. Uranium235 has a half life of 4.468 billion years. Strontium90 has a half life of 28.79 years. Radium226 has a half life of 1600 years.

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