FDA to Monitor Glyphosate in “Certain Foods” [43 Years After Toxicity Discovered]

Early 70's: Glyphosate Toxicity Documented. 2015 WHO "Glyphosate Potential Carcinogen" 2016 FDA Announces Plan to BEGIN Monitoring. Way To Go, FDA! Glyphosphate: Most Widely Used Herbicide in the World Early 70's: Glyphosate, Toxicity Documented. 2015 WHO "Glyphosate Potential Carcinogen" 2016 FDA Announces Plan to BEGIN Monitoring. Way To Go, FDA!

WAY TO TO, FDA!                                                                  Glyphosphate: Most Widely Used Herbicide in the World   1973: Major Toxicity Documented                                                   2015 WHO Potential Carcinogen                                                2016 FDA Announces Plan to BEGIN Monitoring.

The FDA announced that it will develop plans to monitor the presence of glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in the world, in foods sometime soon. Calling the issue “sensitive”, the Agency declined to offer specifics but said that monitored foods would “include soybeans, corn, milk, and eggs among other potential foods” according to FDA spokesperson Lauren Sucher.  More than 92% of all corn grown in the US and 94% of all soybeans are GMO* along with sugar beets, rice, rape (canola) seed, potatoes, cotton (seed oil used in food), papaya, eggplant, okra and more.

Neither the safety of glyphosate nor of GMOs has been challenged by FDA, USDA or EPA although repeated independent investigations have shown the multi-focal dangers of both to living organisms and the environment.

Glyphosate, invented in 1950 but patented by Monsanto in the early 1970s and sold around the world as Roundup(R), has been linked to cancer, infertility, destruction of ecosystems (e.g., butterflies, bees, etc.), birth defects, and more.  All first generation, and many current, genetically modified crops (GMOs) are altered at the GMO level to withstand applications of herbicides like glyphosate (sold as “Roundup Ready(R)”) while surrounding weeds are killed by the chemical. 

According to Dr. Anthony Samsel, a noted researcher on glyphosate, trade secret documents dating from the 1970’s and 80’s from Monsanto allegedly showed that glyphosate is safe but actually demonstrate the significant dangers associated with the highly profitable compound.

At Monsanto’s request, the EPA sealed documents as “trade secrets” so no one else could examine their data. The data, according to Samsel, show wide ranging damage to enzymes (for example, lactic dehydrogenase) and the immune system, including damage to bone marrow, where white blood cells are formed.

Responding to the WHO’s declaration of glyphosate as a potential carcinogen, Dr. Samsel said, “Glyphosate is not a potential carcinogen.  It IS a carcinogen!”**

Another study, according to Samsel, showed that glyphosate went right into the animal’s bone marrow. Samsel claims this is dangerous, because new cells are born in the marrow and pass on to the thymus gland, where T-cells and white blood cells are eventually formed. Samsel considers this significant, especially in light of the recent WHO report that listed glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic” in causing non-Hodgkin lymphoma and prostate cancer.

Additional studies by Dr. Samsel and MIT Professor Stephanie Seneff show that glyphosate damages the vitally important blood brain barrier, increasing the damage done by vaccines and facilitating the development of autism when both glyphosate and vaccines are present together.

They estimate that because of the number of vaccines children receive and the ubiquitous presence of glyphosate, heretofore totally unmonitored in our food supply, the number of autistic children will reach 50% by 2020.




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