Letting The Genie Out Of The Bottle: Unauthorized Gmo Wheat Found In Fallow Field In Washington State

Say Goodbye To Natural Food: GMO Wheat Found Growing In Fallow Field In Washington State Could Be The Beginning Of The End

They say you can’t really appreciate something until it’s gone. And the human race may be on the verge of finding out just how true those words really are, when it comes to naturally foods grown in the natural ways they have been for millennia.

A farmer in Washington state discovered a group of unapproved genetically-modified wheat plants growing in a field that hasn’t been planted since 2015, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The discovery of the 22 plants, identified as genetically modified experimental wheat developed and grown by Monsanto, has prompted an investigation by federal and state regulatory authorities.


And here’s the thing to keep in mind when you start to hear the inevitable cries of protest from Monsanto’s shills and its useful idiots on social media, claiming that such an escape of GMO experimental plants into the wild is nearly impossible, this is the third such discovery to occur in just three years.

What’s more, the authorities have apparently been keeping a tight lid on this: the farmer found and reported the plants, prompting the investigation some time ago. In fact, the Washington State Department of Agriculture recently said that the plants were identified and GMO experimental plants “…a few weeks ago.”

Nice to know the regulatory authorities are watching out for the people they are supposed to be regulating, not the public they are supposed to be regulating for.

The USDA has announced it is testing grain harvested from the farmer’s other wheat fields. U.S. officials also contacted at least one trade group earlier this week, and tipped off importers on Thursday.

And let’s put aside the hyperbole for a moment, the potential future we could be living under where Monsanto’s genetically modified crops simply take over and we are all forced to buy their product (keep in mind, GMO plants are modified first and foremost not to produce seeds, forcing farmers to buy seed each year instead of saving some from last year’s harvest.)

Even in the here and now this is a threat: the first time such a plant was discovered in the wild, in Oregon in 2013, it prompted South Korea and Japan to stop buying U.S. wheat.

And what do you think will happen to that farmer who reported the rogue plants, and his neighbors?

Monsanto is a corporate and genetic and chemical Blitzkrieg poised to roll over the first the U.S. and then the rest of the world. They are no more than a dangerous, world-threatening criminal organization, and they must be stopped.

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