Resist, Refuse, Raise Your Voice!



Point of No Return: Informed Consent or Medical Tyranny
Resist. Refuse. Raise Your Voice. The Only Other Option is Meek Submission to Slavery.

Sic Semper Tyrannus: Thus is it always with tyrants.

It always comes to this: tyranny always wants not just our minds and our behavior, but our bodies as well. We have reached, with the COVID-19 madness, the absolute point of no return when our economies are broken, our livelihoods ripped from us, our schools destroyed, our governments turned against reason and the Republic and control over our bodies ripped from our hands.

If we allow it.

Masks. Tracking devices. Social Media obedience through censorship. Dangerous, scientifically meaningless testing to compel consequences and more control. Social Distancing allowing only MONITORABLE electronic communication and, finally, as if vaccines were not bad enough, mandated gene editing vaccines.

If we allow it.

Right now we still have a shred of a chance to turn the tide by massive uproar. Nothing else will work.

That uproar, peaceful but powerful, MUST rise from the throats (and keyboards) of millions of people or it will not matter at all.
That means RESIST testing. REFUSE tracing and RAISE YOUR VOICE against mandated vaccination, social distancing, masks and all the other slave behaviors being forced on us.

It will happen IF WE ALLOW IT. ONLY We can stop it and we don’t have long.

Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.)  said, before his untimely and unnatural death “Informed Consent is the defining issue of the 21st Century.” And this is the moment, perhaps the last moment, in human history, to preserve it – and ourselves.

Do not allow it!

RESIST – Send the following messages to everyone on your list:

  1. Masks:
  2. Testing:
  3. Tracking:

And RESIST Disease:

REFUSE – Refuse all vaccines.  Get the Advance Vaccine Directive Card to assert your legal right to refuse!

RAISE YOUR VOICE! Commit yourself to DAILY sharing of information from and — people who know you trusts you.  Start with this message:


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