Mark Your Calendar: March 9, 4-8 PM EST: Fukushima 5 Year Commemoration

Fukushima Fifth Anniversary Commemoration


 “I’m looking forward to hearing from people like M. Murata, former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland, known as “The Conscience of Fukushima” along with a powerful lineup of people with plans – and capacity – to remediate Fukushima and ameliorate the vast and accelerating harm emanating from this horrifying tragedy.” Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.)

Reports circulating the Internet[1] focus on the approach of 5th Anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster (March 11, 2011), releasing unprecedented and continuing radiation into the atmosphere and Pacific Ocean contaminating the entire planet.

Japanese and US resistance to solving this problem rests on the reality of nuclear power: it’s not there to produce power, but to produce feedstock for nuclear weapons.

Conventional nuclear engineering can never solve Fukushima.  But there are other powerful and documented methods that can.  Stonewalling the implementation of these techniques is responsible for countless deaths.

What do we know and what can we do? Find out by attending the Fukushima: Where are We; What Lies Ahead? webinar.  There is no cost to attend this public service event.

All registrants will receive a complementary ebook in addition to attending the webinar.

Fukihsima is NOT old news. Nuclear radiation truthers warn we must never forget the Fukushima disaster is NOT over.

  • Under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the US and Japan signed an accord to stop0 testing fish for radiation levels but every tuna fish tested has a dangerous level of radiation
  • US government documented 20,000 unexpected infant deaths on the west coast
  • Various species in the Pacific ocean are dying of radiation poisoning
  • Pacific Ocean creatures are dying and disappearing in accelerating numbers

Natural Solutions Foundation, an international NGO founded by Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.) and Rima Laibow, MD in 2004, is commemorating the tragedy and suggesting a way forward with a free ground-breaking 4 hour livestreamed marathon bringing together scientists, researchers, Japanese and advanced radiation remediation specialists with proven techniques to answer the question that impacts everyone on this planet, “Fukushima: Where are We; What Lies Ahead? Make sure you are there: from 4 to 8 PM (Eastern) on Wednesday, March 9th.


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