Take Action: Stop CDC Whistle Blower Thompson from Recanting His Truth to Repeat More Lies

Thompson.CDC.BANNERApparently Presidentially-Confirmed and
Protected CDC Whistle Blower William W. Thompson, PhD, Is About to Cave In to Massive Pressure, Refuting His Own Documentation That MMR Injury Causes Autism

William W. Thompson, PhD, may be the most important whistle blower in history. MMR vaccines DO cause autism and he has the data to prove it.  He suppressed that data for years on the orders of his CDC bosses and then, in 2014, came clean to Dr. Brian Hooker. The much vilified, but vitally important, movie VAXXED tells that story.

Now, with the vaccine industry running [justifiably] scared, it is believed that Dr. Thompson has once again succumbed to pressure and is about to “re-examine” the data “proving” that it is perfectly fine to inject toxins into your children.

It is not perfectly fine: he knows it and so do we. Vaccine Truth, however, is about to be delivered a body blow of enormous proportion.

CLICK HERE to send a letter to Dr. Thompson telling him that our children, born and yet to come, need him to stand firm and continue to tell the real truth about vaccines: they DO cause autism.

Now send this brief email to every single person you can possibly reach urging them to take this action and share it with their circle as well.

What’s at stake? Lives. Lots and lots of them.

Truth. Freedom. You know… the usual.

Thank you for your powerful activism on this vital issue.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima


“Rumors have been swirling … that the CDC is planning a major offensive against vaccine safety skeptics due to the remarkable popularity of the VAXXED documentary film. As censorship of the film spectacularly backfired, more people became aware of the “CDC whistleblower” Dr. William Thompson, the subject of the documentary film. Dr. Thompson publicly confessed to taking part in a scientific fraud at the CDC to alter data that linked vaccines to autism in African-American boys. Now Dr. Thompson has been turned by the CDC where he is still employed…”*

We urge all health freedom advocates, and there are over a hundred thousand of you who will receive our email about this, to immediately use this link to send a supportive email to Dr. Thompson. We, the People, must push back directly to support whistle blowers like Dr. Thompson and to make it clear that we will not accept any “turning” away from the Truth.

Share this link with everyone so they can Push Back too!                               http://tinyurl.com/MMRlink2autism

Here is the text of the sample letter that the Action Item Web Form will send to Dr. Thompson for you:

Dear Dr. Thompson,

     You have become a hero to millions of vaccine truth-seekers, families of the    vaccine-injured and vaccine conscientious objectors for your honesty regarding the CDC cover-up of the MMR-autism link. You bravely exculpated yourself from that conspiracy by “blowing the whistle” (as officially recognized by President Obama this past February). However, in recent days rumors abound that you are about to capitulate to the forces of dishonor and dishonesty.

     It is widely reported that you are about to consent to a “new examination of the statistical data” that will obscure the clear connection between the injuries caused by the MMR vaccine and autism. We will not accept a new report exonerating the vaccine manufacturers, government and you from individual and collective responsibility. When government agents conspire to lie to the public and thereby violate our right to Informed Consent, the law is quite clear. There is no statute of limitation for crimes against humanity.

     Dr Thompson, we salute you for acting honorably after years of collaborating to suppress the truth about the MMR vaccine and autism. We urge you now to stand with us, the community in search of truth, by continuing to serve that truth.

     Countless children and their families have already been destroyed by corporate and government vaccine deceit and lies. The billions paid in compensation do not afford any justice to those injured by government lies. You, Dr. Thompson, stood at the heart of that duplicity and finally said “No more!”

     You regained you honor through your honesty. What will you do now? Countless more children will be destroyed if you deviate from the honorable course you had chosen; we depend on your honor and your dedication to science, and truth. The children of the future are waiting….

* NaturalNews.com

Thank you for speaking your Truth to Dr. Thompson, below, and demanding that he continue to speak his.

And Thank YOU for your dedication to health and freedom.

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