VW 2009-2015 Emission Lies Cost 117K Life-Years in US, Europe

VW Corporate Fraud Paid in Lives, Health.
VW Corporate Fraud Paid in Our Lives, Our Health

What’s Your Life Worth? Not Much, According to VW Execs Who Ordered Emissions Computers Set to Read Low on Diesel Cars from 2009 to 2015 When Fraud Was Discovered.

A new study predicts that 117,000 life-years have been, or will be lost, 44,000 in Europe and 73,000 in the US because of the additional 526,000 tons of nitrogen oxide released into the atmosphere beyond the legal limit set for diesel motors.

A new study* estimates an additional 72,000 life-years will be lost if the cars involved in the fraud now on the road are not recalled and refitted with lower emission engines and parts.

So Emma, your 11 year old vaccine-injured niece with asthma gets a lung infection and dies.  She would have been expected to live to age 68. 57 life-years gone.

Your genetic predictors suggest a life span of 86 years.  Because of the particulate and toxic diesel gas emissions, you have a fatal heart attack at 56.  30 life-years gone.

In addition, the researchers at Radboud University in the Netherlands estimate the cost of the chronic illness induced by VW’s fraud will run to about $36 Billion.  VW executives had estimated that cost as $7.2 Billion.

*Environmental Pollution, 2016; 212: 121

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