WHO Continues Its Despicable Assault on World Health: Vaxx Them All, Even The Injured Ones!

WHO: Vaccinate Them All Even If It Kills Them - No, Especially If It Kills Them
WHO: Vaccinate Them All Even If It Kills Them –                                    No, Especially If It Kills Them.

In 2008, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Board (NVIC) awarded  Hannah Polling’s family $1.5 Million US plus $500,000 per year for the rest of her life to compensate them for the loss of their child to vaccine injury following 9 vaccines administered to her in a single visit when she was just 18 months old.  Her collapse into autism was ruled to be a consequence of her  mitochondrial dysfunction.  Although most people had never heard of mitochondrial dysfunction, it began to attract a good deal of attention as the link between vaccines and autism became stronger.

WHO, which receives more than 2/3 of its budget directly from the pharmaceutical industry, and the international equivalent of the thoroughly corrupt CDC, the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety, GACVS, found themselves doing a good deal of damage control.

The NVIC had publicly created the awareness that vaccines, mitochondria and autism were directly related and parents, doctors and public policy makers logically concluded that people with mitochondrial dysfunction should not be vaccinated.

Not so fast, said the vaccine pushers at WHO (who have also publicly announced their determination to sharply reduce the population of the planet and commitment to Agenda 21 and Agenda 20/30). According to WHO, even if children or adults have documented mitochondrial dysfunction, they should be vaccinated.  Even if the reactions to vaccines are the very things that cause them to deteriorate rapidly and irreversibly, they should still be vaccinated.

“Physiological stress triggered by external factors (for example, fever, cold, heat, starvation, sleep deprivation) may result in a worsening of the metabolic situation which results in deterioration of affected organs. Additionally, inflammatory responses associated with most infectious diseases can precipitate a clinical deterioration in an underlying mitochondrial disease. While vaccines may cause fever, clinicians caring for children with mitochondrial disease recommend vaccinating their patients since the risk of developing an even more devastating clinical deterioration would be associated with natural infection.

The GACVS concluded, on the basis of the limited data available from the United Kingdom and the United States, that there is no convincing evidence to support an association between vaccination and deterioration of mitochondrial disease. The topic will be reviewed further if new findings become available. GACVS supports the current practice standard: children with mitochondrial diseases should receive the immunizations recommended for healthy children.”*

The logic is missing, but the intention is clear: vaccinate everyone, regardless of the deadly consequences.  Or, rather, because of them.

Shame, for shame!


One thought on “WHO Continues Its Despicable Assault on World Health: Vaxx Them All, Even The Injured Ones!

  1. Poor members of the GACVS must have already been brain damaged by the horrible twins of vaccines and fluoride to come to this conclusion. . They need to get a non vaccinated, fluoride free activist to show them how to do their research and come to the truth about the matter.
    We are disgusted with the so called “experts”.

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