Brexit Broke It! Globalist Bashed But What About You?

International Markets and Metals Exchanges Agree: Britain's Exit from EU Changes Everything Except the Power of Gold.
International Markets and Metals Exchanges Agree: Britain’s Exit from EU Changes Everything Except the Power of Gold.

Opinion Piece by
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation

“Global markets are crashing on the surprise vote of Great Britain to break free from the controversial European Union. European and U.S. stock markets down as much as 7%.. trading halted in Asia… currency markets nearing panic. Gold and silver are PROVING themselves as the ultimate safe haven – beating the dollar and everything else. Just as we have hoped and expected. I want to urge you to get the gold and silver you need right away, as things could be getting VERY interesting, to put it lightly. ”  

Money Metals, June 23, 2016
The UK said, “NO MORE! We want OUT of the EU!”  Globalists had a bad week:


Several years ago, their plans to create a North American EU-style “econoglomerate” out of Canada, Mexico and the US (complete with competing Amero to work ” against” the Euro) died a welcome death on the alter of political opposition.

Right, Left and Center agreed that the North American Union was a not happening deal!

There are untold uncertainties about how the British exit from the EU will play out. One thing is sure, though: gold wins.
Dollars, Euros, Yen, Yuan, Drachma and Pesos lose. But Gold wins!

So what’s a regular person to do while the globalist plans for hegemony get pushed back?

While you celebrate, buy gold. As much gold as you can afford. Maybe a bit more.

If you can, buy ounces of gold. It’s cheaper than smaller quantities and widely available.

I can’t. I do not have the money to buy pounds of gold.  So I buy grams of gold through a safe and secure program. Find out more at

General Bert and I participate in this program personally and that means we take possession of physical gold and it is ours, not some electronic illusion of possession.

What’s more, if I have to use it in barter or other commerce, I want small, certified gold pieces rather than larger ones.
Imagine: my son and his children are hungry. VERY hungry. I want to make sure they are fed. I have a gram of gold and I have an ounce of gold. I can use the gram of gold for their life-saving food or I can use the ounce of gold for it. There is no practical way to slice the ounce into 29 grams so I have to use the entire lump to save their lives when the gram would have been the correct trade “coin” to use, leaving them, and me, more for another hungry day.
This is the sort of scenario a prudent person must consider. And having considered it, take action NOW.

Go to and join us — micro gold for financial health.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

PS: In February, 2015, Natural Solutions Foundation opined that the price of gold was going to go up and that it made sense to buy micro gold then.  And so it did.
Feb 2015 graph

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