Summer of Zika: What Can You Believe? WHAT CAN YOU DO?

What’s Wrong with this Picture? Quite a Lot, Actually.


Holistic MD Discloses Government Zika Pesticide Birth Defect, Cancer Risks

Say NO to Human Experiments on You and Your Neighborhood!

This brief report on Zika and pesticide spraying in Florida
is a condensed version of a longer, scholarly article available without cost here:

Special Report by Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation
Report Published 11 August 2016 by the Institute for Health Research

Special Report Excerpts:

ZIKA in Florida. Let’s “Prevent Zika Birth Defects” (Which Don’t Exist) by Spraying a Toxin that Reduces Brain Size, Reproduction, Intelligence on Pregnant Women!

Note: News article in italics, commentary and corrections in regular typeface.

August 4, 2016 “Florida began aerial spraying on Thursday to kill mosquitoes which the US Army has been weaponizing as a delivery system specifically for a weaponized Zika virus.

 in a Miami neighborhood [where house to house urine searches allegedly showed 15 people positive for the Zika virus which causes no symptoms whatsoever in 80% of the people infected and a mild cold with or without a rash in the others. The people being sprayed in this 10 mile square area were not asked if they wanted to inhale a highly toxic organophosphate pesticide, whether they were pregnant or whether they wished to join the many millions of US residents and citizens who have been experimented upon with organisms and insects dispersed without their knowledge by the CIA, CDC and other agencies operating in secrecy and without any responsibility for the consequences of their actions… 

It is widely recognized in the medical community that microcephaly can result from many types of assaults to the fetus, both genetic and environmental, including not only fever, as mentioned above, but methylmercury poisoning. Thimerosal, used in the flu and other vaccines, contains ethyl mercury at about 49.5% by weight, but does not contain methylmercury. It is less widely known that ethyl mercury, too, causes genetic change and mitochondrial damage which can lead to microcephaly,[14] making the administration of vaccines in pregnancy far worse than unwise…

Beginning at dawn, Miami-Dade County authorities sprayed droplets of an insecticide called Naled,[which is capable of causing – you guessed it !- birth defects including smaller brains and skulls, also known as microcephaly, retardation and other genetic damage[16]] marking their first aerial mission since local transmission of Zika was confirmed in an area of about a square mile (2.6 square kms) around the trendy Wynwood arts district near downtown Miami

Less than a week later, “the trendy Wynwood arts district” is a ghost town.

Tourists and locals are staying away in droves from what is being called “the Zika Zone”. Perhaps it is because they read the following information from Cornell University:

Naled formula

Vapors or fumes of naled are corrosive to the mucous membranes lining the mouth, throat and lungs, and inhalation may cause severe irritation. A sensation of tightness in the chest and coughing are commonly experienced after inhalation. As with all organophosphates, naled is readily absorbed through the skin.“…

Naled exposure caused increased aggressiveness and a deterioration of memory and learning and has been shown to interfere with prenatal brain development. In fact, just 3 days of exposure to the cancer-causing breakdown product that Naled forms, Dichlorvos, reduced fetal brain size by 15%!

The total population in Wynwood’s ZIP codes (33137, 33127) is 12,000: the median age of its affluent population (average income of $65,000) is 34. That means that a significant number of the 6000 women living in the Wynwood area can be expected to be pregnant while the spraying is taking place.

When their babies are born with reduced brain size and diagnosed with microcephaly, following the psyops playbook it will be blamed on:

A lack of vaccines against the Zika virus
The need for more spraying and
The urgent need to release genetically engineered mosquitoes, just approved by the FDA for testing in Key Haven, FL near Key West…

So, to be clear, we are looking at an involuntary government program where house to house coercive searches supposedly turned up 16 people positive for an innocuous disease resulting in spraying with a dangerous chemical known to cause cancer, brain damage, retardation, reduced brain size (also known as microcephaly) carried out on an entire population in the total absence of Informed Consent.

In humans, Naled causes destruction of an essential enzyme system called “acetylcholinesterase”. Other organophosphates like carbamate cause short term damage to the acetylcholinesterase enzyme. Damage from Naled, however, is long lasting, persisting for a minimum of 60 days but the damage may be permanent. Naled may cause death from suffocation since the nerves controlling respiration may be poisoned to the point where the individual cannot breathe…

Before that point, the symptoms of exposure to Naled are severe and distressing including diarrhea, urination, miosis or abnormal genetic changes, bradycardia or slow heart rate (which can include falling blood pressure), bronchorrhea or massive secretions in the lungs, bronchospasm or airway constriction, vomiting, tearing, excessive salivation, profuse amounts of body secretions and sweating…

While the CDC may be comfortable with the involuntary exposure of a population to Naled, there are others who take a less sanguine view: Dr. Naresh Kumar, a Professor of Public Health at the University of Miami, says the benefit needs to outweigh the risks that any neurotoxin carries.

“All are a neurotoxin, meaning it will directly affect our nervous system,” said Kumar. “It will affect not only the pregnant woman…it is also equally [true] for children who have asthma and airway disease because when you are spraying in the air, these aerosols stay in the air for at least five days.

Note that aerosols linger in the air for at least 5 days but that brain damage, reduction of brain size by 15%, retardation and other neurological damage takes place after only 3 days of exposure. Further, dog and rat studies showed that Naled causes chronic nervous system damage resulting in a mineralization of the spinal cord and decreased nervous system enzyme activity that led to partial paralysis.


Is your neighborhood next? Your genes?

Not ready to have that happen? Then here’s your action plan:

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  2. Share the link to this article,, as widely as possible: everyone is at risk and everyone is a government guinea pig
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